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Posted by yapilot
on Nov 14, 2010

Winter Climbing in the Whites

279 miles

Activity Location: Whites  Date: Anytime

Hey everyone! I'm looking for climbing partners in the Whites and around New England for the winter. I have summited Mt. Washington a few times during the winter months via numerous routes and gu...

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Posted by celdred
on Nov 15, 2006

Winter Presidential Traverse on Skis

281 miles

Activity Location: Jefferson, Mount, New Hampshire, United States  Date: Anytime

I was wondering if anyone had attempted a winter presidential traverse on skis. If you have, or have any advice on the subject (such as too rocky, etc.) please email me at chris.eldred@gmail.com. I...

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Posted by Hagen
on Jul 31, 2012

The Blue Ridge Berserkers

283 miles

Activity Location: Shenandoah NP, Washington and Jefferson NF, and elsewhere in the region.  Date: Anytime

We're a small group of old-school backpackers and hikers in our 30's and 40's in northern and central Virginia. Most of us have 20-30+ years of backpacking/camping/orienteering/scouting experience....

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Posted by ckim
on May 5, 2010

Gunks Climbing partners!

284 miles

Activity Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States  Date: Anytime

I am free week days and weekends. I lead around 5.10 and am getting into 5.11-. I have done fair bit of ice/snow. I am a telemarker and spend winter in Chamonix. I have done some big walls and trek...

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Posted by triyoda
on Jan 4, 2010

Huntington Gullies 2010

289 miles

Activity Location: Gorham, New Hampshire, United States  Date: Anytime

Been up Washington twice last year (Lion's Head, South Gully) and just got back from a cruise up Lion's Head on 1/1 and I also took an ice course while I was up there. Did Shasta (Cassaval Ridge) ...

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Posted by chugach001
on May 25, 2007

Cannon Classics

292 miles

Activity Location: Cannon  Date: Anytime

I'm looking for a partner to swing leads with on Whitney-Gillam and Moby Grape the weekend of June 30 - July 1st. Any interest?

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Posted by varockclimber
on Nov 20, 2009

Ecuador 2010

295 miles

Activity Location: Richmond  Date: Anytime

I hope to plan a trip to Ecuador in early 2010. I am also always up for climbing here in the U.S. and abroad.

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Posted by nick_nystrom
on May 26, 2015

Climbing at Seneca, the New River Gorge, ...

327 miles

Activity Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States  Date: Anytime

Hi, I'm looking for a partner, mainly for Seneca, but also possibly the New River Gorge or other areas. I'm coming from Pittsburgh and open to carpooling or meeting at the crag. The main things I l...

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Posted by Richard
on Feb 15, 2012

Slow but Steady, Older and Wiser

332 miles

Activity Location: Montreal  Date: Anytime

I recently attempted Mt Rainier, and was unable to summit. I was in a guided group of 29-34 yr olds. I simply could not keep up with the pace. I was 57 yrs old. The pace was absolutely the correct ...

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Posted by rocky29oct
on Mar 18, 2009

Go.. Canada

332 miles

Activity Location: Ottawa, Canada  Date: Anytime

Anyone from Ottawa or montreal for any climbing ?

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Posted by tankee
on Sep 9, 2010


361 miles

Activity Location: anywhere U.S.A  Date: Anytime

Looking for a outdoor climbin, hiking,anything outside partner. Im from the northern panhandle of West Virginia give me enough notice and ill meet u bout anywhere. My usual places to go enjoy the ...

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Wiktoria Plawska

Posted by Wiktoria Plawska
on Feb 23, 2012

100 Miles Wilderness in Maine

381 miles

Activity Location: Maine, US, Maine, United States  Date: Anytime

Hello! My dad and I are planning to go backpacking and do the 100 miles wilderness in Maine and surrounding mountains, and were looking for some company. It is getting kind of lonely just hiking ou...

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Posted by Ibswoha
on Apr 15, 2012

New River Gorge/Summersville

432 miles

Activity Location: Fayetteville, West Virginia, United States  Date: Anytime

Just beginning to seriously get into climbing and really like to find some people to climb with in the New River/Summersville area any date and any time. If interested, shoot me an e-mail. jharrel1...

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Posted by werfel
on Jan 5, 2009

ski Katadhin

437 miles

Activity Location: Katahdin, Mount, Maine, United States  Date: After Mar 13, 2009

looking for a partner to ski Katadhin in the spring

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Posted by tuc
on Mar 11, 2008

Looking for hikers

456 miles

Activity Location: Greensboro, North Carolina, United States  Date: Anytime

I hike solo most of time also and my wife does not like it. I am 60 and live in Greensboro nc I hike a lot near Stone mt., Rock castle creek gorge and around Boone and the parkway. Would like to tr...

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Posted by jstew1985
on Dec 2, 2010

need ice climbing partner

483 miles

Activity Location: Michigan, US, Michigan, United States  Date: Anytime

From Ohio. Looking to go ice climbing anywhere around superior, Preferrebly canada side, lower ontario. Willing to drive if you split gas. End of December-March. Let me know we can set up some plan...

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Posted by jstew1985
on Jan 3, 2011

canada ice climbing

483 miles

Activity Location: Michigan, US, Michigan, United States  Date: Anytime

Ice climb around superior. Looking to climb asap. I have more than enough pro and some extra gear. Please only inquire if your serious. Thanks.

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Posted by CharlieInTheBox
on Jul 22, 2011

Need Mountaineering Adventure Groups

488 miles

Activity Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States  Date: Anytime

I currently live in Columbus, Ohio and since there arn't too many mountains, there also isn't much interest in trips to climb any. I recently got back from a solo trip to Colorado to climb some 14e...

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Posted by 13squared
on Jun 21, 2006

Mountain build

513 miles

Activity Location: Toledo, Ohio, United States  Date: Anytime

I'd like to build a mountain somewhere near Toledo. I'd prefer at least 1000feet of vertical but 2-3000 would be ideal. Will need many volunteers to donate either fill material, land, and/or time...

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Posted by surly
on Jan 24, 2012

New in Detroit

514 miles

Activity Location: Novi-ish  Date: Anytime

Actually Farmington Hills/Novi area. I haven't met any cats interested in climbing or mountaineer yet but would like to. Planning Mt Hood as a shakedown (I am rusty) followed by Rainier and or Mex...

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