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Everest expedition North Side autumn 2007

Posted by mcy111 on Mar 8, 2007
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Activity Details

Date: Anytime
City or Place: Mount Everest
Skill Level: Advanced
Categories: Mountaineering
Partner Status: Need Partners


Good day,
I intend to climb Everest this Autumn(2007) from the North Side (Tibet North Col Route).Is there anyone else interested in the same idea? The main reason is, I suffer of allergic asthma in Spring - early Summer, thing that forced me to a retreat from 7600 m in 2002. This time I want to try in Autumn (all the allergy symptoms seem to vanish at the end of august). I had an expedition planned with 7 other members but they decided to give up, now I'm looking for others to join in. I am planning to take a sherpa with me and if we are 7 and each of us is taking a sherpa, 7 sherpas are enough to fix the ropes on Everest. Usually with 7 members the cost (including the climbing sherpa) doesn't exceed 12500 $ per climbing member (without a sherpa only 8500$). If you take a sherpa you have to consider also summit bonus (no more than 800-1000$ I've been told) and for example if you rent a tent for the high camps rental costs (usually 150$ per tent). If there are any takers, please let me know as soon as possible and drop me an email at marco_chiantore@hotmail.com. Thanks


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it's important I can get to know asap.
Posted Mar 8, 2007 2:26 pm

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