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In search of Mountaineering partner/ teacher


Posted by Jenseneer on Jan 30, 2014
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Date: Anytime
Location: Washington, United States
City or Place: Olympia
Skill Level: Intermediate
Categories: Gym/Training, Hiking, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Social
Partner Status: Want Partners



I am new to the north west via Wyoming, Utah, and originally Northern Virginia. I'm looking for someone who needs an available partner, who has some experience, and who doesn't mind teaching a little bit. I have summited Gannett Peak in WY, have ridiculous amounts of backpacking experience, a good handful of trad climbing know how and I'm in great shape. I have my eye on the volcanoes but I'm also looking for people to backpack, climb, and talk with. I love a good adventure where things get a bit uncomfortable, when you really have to apply yourself to make it through. I also love a nice relaxing trip out into the woods. As far as mountaineering gear, I'm all set minus a pair of crampons and a helmet (maybe a four season tent too). If anyone has an old set I'd love to talk about a purchase.

Feel free to respond to whatever and however but again I'm mainly looking for a good Mountaineering buddy.

Happy Climbing Folks


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Greetings, did you find climbing partners? I plan to do some mountaineering in North Cascades and looking for the summer partners. I don’t do difficult things any more, 5-6 is max that I climb. I am pro documentary videographer and do a lot of videos/photos during my travels, thus it slows me down. Please let me know if you are interested and I can shoot you my email/phone number. Regards, Eugen
Posted Mar 17, 2014 11:43 pm

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