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Los Andes


Posted by Corax on Feb 28, 2010
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Activity Details

Dates: Mar 6, 2010 through Mar 6, 2011
City or Place: Starting point: Tupungato
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Categories: Biking, Hiking, Mountaineering
Partner Status: Want Partners


I have finished this project for now, but will continue climbing the rest of the peaks when I return. The next ones on the list are: El Condor, Antofalla and Llullaillaco.
Updates will follow soon! Please let me know if you're interested. I for sure need a climbing partner for Yerupaja!

I'll land in Santiago de Chile the 6'th of March. My plan is to follow Los Andes north and climb a lot.

Main targets: My goal is to climb the 25 highest in South America. 14 down, 11 to go.
I may also climb other peaks along the way. Any alternative plan will be considered.
Main activities: Mountaineering is priority number one. I will also trek/hike without any climbing. Apart from the long distance cycling heading north, I may use the bicycle for shorter side trips as well. I'm never in a hurry, so I guess there will be some hanging around enjoying nice places now and then.
How long?: No clue. I have a one year ticket, but I may stay shorter or longer. Anything between 3 months and 3 years are realistic estimates.
Mode of transport in between the peaks: Mostly by bicycle. I may go by bus or hitchhike at times.
Planning in general: I have a target I go there. I don't use commercial organizers as I don't feel the need for it. I carry my own stuff to the peaks and I don't use mula services. I stay out in the wilderness for long periods of time. To use guides is out of the question.
Off season: Yes, it'll be a lot of off season climbing. I like it and you have to do so as well if you consider teaming up. Cold and windy, but with the extra edge I like.
Time: You have to have plenty of time. I hate to stress. That said, when in the mountains I'm usually very active and climb a lot. Lazy and slow in civilization and in between the peaks, but full on in wilderness is my way.

Check out the 25 highest peaks in Los Andes!
Climbed before the started the 2010-2011 trip:
1. Aconcagua
2. Ojos del Salado ("Argentinian Summit" - Will climb the "Chilean Summit" as well).
3. Pissis
4. Bonete Chico
8. Mercedario
9. Cazadero
12. Incahuasi
16. El Muerto
25. Ramada

Drop me a mail if you're around and interested in some off the beaten track climbing in the off season. I have no problem compromising or adjusting except for the part about using guides etc.

Update: 2011-01-22
Summited on this trip:
1. Cerro Augustin Alvarez
2. Cerro Santa Elena
3. Cerro Plata
4. Pico Plata
5. Pico Vallecitos
6. Cerro Adolfo Calle
7. Cerro Stepanek
8. Tupungato - 14'th highest. 2010-04-08
9. Veladero - 20'th highest. 2010-05-18

~~~I made a detour to Asia and climbed half a dozen peaks there. Back in South America again.~~~
10. San Bernardo
11. Vallecitos
12. Bonete
13 Manso
14. Aconcagua - the highest. 2011-01-11 (fourth time).
15. Nacimiento - 19'th highest.

16. Tres Cruces Norte
17. Tres Cruces Sur - 5'th highest.
18. Tres Cruces Central - 11'th highest.
19. Ojos del Salado - 2'nd highest. ("Chilean summit")

20. Medusa
21. Volcan del Viento


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