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Mexican Volcanos -Jan 13-21


Posted by 1mvertical on Dec 24, 2006
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Date: On Jan 13, 2007
City or Place: 19.001839/-97.26671361
Categories: Mountaineering
Partner Status: Will accept Partners


My climbing partner and I are planning to take on all the climbable volcanos in the Mexico City area. Our plan is as follows and relies heavily on acclimitization prior to departure:

Day -4: Bivy on Loveland Pass, CO around 12k' - day hike
Day -3: Bivy on Loveland Pass, CO around 12.5k' - day hike
Day -2: Bivy in the Loveland Pass, CO area around 13k' - day hike
Day -1: Day Hike/Ski 12.5-13k'
Day 0: Rest at 5300'

Day 1:(Jan 13) - Depart for Mexico City at 2am MT, arriving MEX at 8am local time. Using bus system, travel to Tlachicuca.
Day 2:(Jan 14) - Travel to Piedre Grand, N. side of El Pico de Orizaba. Hike to about 16k', and shoot route video.
Day 3:(Jan 15) - Move camp to 16,200'. Summit attempt via Espolon de Oro route.
Day 4:(Jan 16) - Summit attempt via Glacier Este route. Descend to Tlachicuca.
Day 5:(Jan 17) - Travel to Amecameca and obtain Ixta climbing pass. Travel to La Joya.
Day 6:(Jan 18) - Summit Ixta and return to Amecameca
Day 7:(Jan 19) - Back up day or additional video day on Ixta
Day 8:(Jan 20) - Travel to Toluca, Climb Pico Del Fraile, travel to Mexico City Airport. Check into hotel, have a few beers.
Day 9:(Jan 21) - Return to denver 9:45 departure/12:00 arrival


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