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Mustagh Ata Skiing- Summer 2009

Posted by pourquoipas on Apr 4, 2009
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Date: Anytime
Location: China
City or Place: Kashi
Skill Level: Intermediate
Categories: Mountaineering, Skiing
Partner Status: Want Partners



I'd like to climb Mustagh Ata (7500m, Xinjiang, China) . I'm in contact with some chinese, russian kirgiztan -based agencies. But I don't want to go alone.

Is there any french-speaking or english-speaking group who could accept me to join ? Eventually to share a guide (but not necessary). ?

I could do it in July or August.



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When are you going to Muztagh ata?
Because I have a group go to Myztagh ata this summery.
Posted Apr 20, 2009 11:26 am

MFMDRMuztagh Ata


Hello, this is Marcos Fernandez-Moya from Spain. I´m a 32 years old mountain snowboarder who really would like to go with you to Muztagh Ata next August. I don´t know if I have enough experience in this kind of activity. I´ve to tell you that I don´t work as a guide or something similar (in fact I´m a teacher in Madrid), but last years i´ve trained climbing next mountains and going down with my snowboard:

Sierra de Guadarrama (my local mountain in Spain): Alto del Telegrafo (1978m), Septimo Pico (2138m), Maliciosa (2227m), Alto de las Guarramillas (2258m), Hermana Menor (2269m), Hermana Mayor (2284m), Cabeza de Hierro Menor (2376m), Peña Lara (2428m).

Pyrenees: Pic de Belonseiche (Spain-2293m), Bisaurin (Spain-2670m), Staragne (France-3006m), Garmo Negro (Spain-3066m).

Alps: Grüblspitze (Austria-2395m), Monte Vallecetta (Italy-3148m), Wildspitze (Austria-3774m), Breithorn (Switzerland-4164m).

Caucasus: Elbrus (Russia-5642m).

Andes: Nevado Copa Norte (Peru-6173m).

I have had a couple of non successful attempts (one mountain in Pyrenees and another in Alps) but I don´t count those in my “CV”.
Please talk to me clearly, specially if you think that Muztagh Ata is too much for me. I´d like to go but I don´t know if you want a snowboarder as a groupmate and I know too that mountain is a serious mountain for his height. I trust you because I understand that you have much more experience than I.
To finish I´ll tell you that I can go on August 2009. I think I´m in a good moment now because I felt strong in the last mountains that I climbed and I have been training in the gym and hiking for the last 8 months.
I´m waiting for your answer and anyway I wish you success with your big goals.
Posted Jun 11, 2009 5:44 pm

MFMDRmy email


Posted Jun 12, 2009 3:01 am

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