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Scott's Wish List-Slot Canyons
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Scott's Wish List-Slot Canyons

Scott\'s Wish List-Slot Canyons

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My Wish List-Canyons

This is my wish list of the top slot canyons I hope to canyoneer within my lifetime. All these are hopefully in reach and I hope to get as many as I can, though my family (wife+kids) are my #1 responsibility and their needs come first.

Canyons were selected for various reasons. Some are on the list simply because they are beautiful, some are on the list because they would be a great challenge for me, some are on the list because they are easy enough that I can climb with my wife and kids, some are on the list for their history, some are on the list just for the heck of it. Some are well known and some are very little known, so there are a variety of canyons that I want to do.

Note: This list only includes the wish list since this page was created. Previously, I have already completed many canyons which were on old wish list, thus there is an absence of canyons listed in my favorite areas (since I've already completed them).

The Canyon List was created on September 4 2012, and expanded a few times since then.

When I complete each of the canyons on this list, it will be noted with a date.

My Other Wish List

Mountains and Rocks

Hikes (mostly long distance)



Note: Many betaless/unknown canyons as well.

1 Heaps (Utah)  
2 Checkerboard (Utah) n/a
3 Boundary (Utah) n/a
4 Waterholes (Arizona)-partially complete  
300ft Wall
5 Englestead (Utah)  
Englestead Gulch
6 Ringtail (Utah)  
Into Ringtail Canyon
7 Baker (Utah) n/a
8 Davis (Utah)-partially complete n/a
9 Un-named-Robbers Roost (Utah) n/a
10 Kolob (Utah)-partially complete  
Kolob Creek - ZNP
11 West (Arizona)-partially complete n/a
12 Fivemile (Utah) n/a
13 Hog (Utah)-partially complete  
Hog Canyon
14 Un-named-Dinosaur (Colorado) n/a
15 Un-named-Dinosaur (Utah) n/a
16 High Spur (Utah)  
High spur chamber
17 Pleiades (Utah) n/a
18 Elephant Canyon/Lower Salt Creek (Utah)-Completed 2-23-2014  
Lower Salt Creek
19 Eagle/Forgotten (Utah)-Completed 4-6-2013  
First Rappel
20 Music Temple (Utah) n/a
21 Hidden Passage (Utah) n/a
22 Anasazi (Utah) n/a
23 Spring (Colorado) n/a
24 Spencer (Utah) n/a
25 Un-named-Lake Powell (Utah) n/a
26 Deer Creek-Paria (Utah)  
deer creek canyon
27 Fern Glen (Arizona) n/a
28 Hades Knoll (Arizona) n/a
29 North/Rider (Arizona) n/a
30 Crazy Jug (Arizona) n/a
31 Badger (Arizona) n/a
32 Hoskinni (Utah) n/a
33 Tiger (Colorado) n/a
34 PPB (Utah) n/a
35 IM (Utah) n/a
36 Sevenmile (Utah)-partially complete n/a
37 Upper Deer Creek (Arizona) n/a
38 Fishtail (Arizona) n/a
39 Whispering Falls (Arizona) n/a
40 Garden Creek (Arizona) n/a
41 Big (Arizona) n/a
42 Royal Arch Creek (Arizona)  
Elves Chasm
43 Spry (Utah)-Completed 6-15-2013  
Spry Canyon
44 Scottys Hollow (Arizona)-partially complete n/a
45 150 Mile (Arizona) n/a
46 West Fork Oak Creek (Arizona)  
2012 West Fork of Oak Creek
47 Tatahatso (Arizona) n/a
48 Stair (Utah)-partially complete  
Rim of Stair Canyon
49 Cove (Arizona) n/a
50 Buck (Utah)-Completed 10-20-2013  
Buck Canyon


51 Little Death Hollow/Wolverine (Utah)-Completed 4-14-2013  
Little Death Hollow
52 Monkey Business (Utah)-Completed 12-29-2013  
Monkey Business Slot
53 DC1 (Utah) n/a
54 Chimney (Utah)-partially complete n/a
55 Fiftymile (Utah) n/a
56 Entrajo (Utah) n/a
57 Nasja (Arizona/Utah) n/a
58 Cha (Arizona/Utah) n/a
59 Lehi (Arizona) n/a
60 Moapits (Arizona) n/a
61 Pandoras Box (Utah) n/a
62 Red Cave (Utah) n/a
63 Hogwarts (Utah)  
Across to Hogwarts Canyon
64 WFSB (Colorado) n/a
65 NMB (Utah) n/a
66 Woody/Woodchuck (Utah) n/a
67 Bull Valley Gorge/Willis Creek (Utah)-partially complete  
Willis Creek - GSENM
68 Hidden (Utah)-partially complete  
Hidden Canyon
69 Morose (Utah) n/a
70 Foolin' Around (Utah) n/a
71 Clear Creek (Utah) n/a
72 Shoot TC (Utah) n/a
73 Llewellyn (Utah)-partially complete n/a
74 Dangling Rope (Utah) n/a
75 Balanced Rock (Utah) n/a
76 Driftwood (Utah) n/a
77 Cascade (Utah) n/a
78 Cathedral (Arizona) n/a
79 Mountain Sheep (Arizona) n/a
80 Wethrill (Arizona) n/a
81 Little Lo Spring (Arizona) n/a
82 Peshliki Forks (Utah) n/a
83 East Fork Ticaboo Forks (Utah) n/a
84 Winter Cabin (Arizona) n/a
85 Wilber (Arizona) n/a
86 Bear (Arizona) n/a
87 Sundance (Arizona) n/a
88 Horsetank (Arizona) n/a
89 Christopher Creek (Arizona) n/a
90 Salome (Arizona) n/a
91 Jug (Arizona) n/a
92 Lemmon (Arizona) n/a
93 Sabino (Arizona) n/a
94 Palisade (Arizona) n/a
95 Red Breaks (Utah) n/a
96 Burch (WC) (Utah) n/a
97 Behunin (Utah)  
Behunin Canyon -  Zion National Park
98 Undercover (Utah) n/a
99 Birch Hollow (Utah)  
Birch Hollow - ZNP
100 Misery (Utah) n/a