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Seventy-seven Northern Streets in Seven Valleys by Snow Shoes/3-First Part

Seventy-seven Northern Streets in Seven Valleys by Snow Shoes/3-First Part

Seventy-seven Northern Streets in Seven Valleys by Snow Shoes/3-First Part

Page Type: Route

Location: Aosta Valley, Italy, Europe

Lat/Lon: 45.82727°N / 7.32794°E

Object Title: Seventy-seven Northern Streets in Seven Valleys by Snow Shoes/3-First Part

Route Type: Mixed

Season: Spring

Time Required: Half a day

Difficulty: Various according to the steepness of the slopes (by snowshoes)

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Overview Saint Bernard, By Basin & Ollomont

After the 77 symbolic Routes with Snowshoes proposals for the South Slope of the Aosta Valley and the many along the balconies overhanging the course of the River Baltea, let us analyze a similar number of trips directed to the Northern hemisphere, or to the six valleys bordering with Switzerland as well as that of Saint Barthélemy which originates on the slopes of the beautiful Becca of Luseney, very popular and well-known peak in past centuries, then declined with an axis Northeast/Southwest toward the Central Valley. In order from West to East we have the valleys of the Great St. Bernard, Ollomomont with the upper Basin By, Valpelline, Saint Barthélemy, Valtournanche or Marmore Torrent, Ayas or Evançon and finally Gressoney or Lys Valley from Monte Rosa Chain. A series of other 77 trips that might become many more, depending on personal preferences. We propose these having them all done, but there is no reason to vary the routes enriching themselves with their choices. We propose these having them all done, but there is no reason to vary the routes enriching themselves with their choices. All these valleys descend in a more or less perpendicular to the Baltea, except, as already mentioned, that of Saint Barthélemy and long Valpelline that, with a similar trend, comes from the Dent d'Hérens; the other, or "Valtornenza" and Ayas, are at the foot of the Matterhorn and the chain that ends Breithorns from the Roccia Nera (Black Rock). As for the Great St. Bernard and Basin By these are huge terraces that lend themselves to hiking, to the other five valleys are held on long routes that share the same watersheds. In this paper we analyze the first part from Great Saint Bernard Lower/Middle/Upper Valley up By Conca (Basin) and Ollomont Valley.

Since this is a fairly wide area divide this work into two specific parts:

First Part:

1) - Gran San Bernardo Valley, in turn divided into two specific areas:
1a)- Southern Walloons.
1b)- Western & Northern Sides.
2) - Valley of Ollomont and superior By Basin.

Second Part:

3) - Valpelline.
4) - Valley of Saint Barthelemy.
5) - Valtournanche.
6) - Val d'Ayas.
7) - Valley of Gressoney.

Dopo le 77 simboliche Vie con Racchette da Neve proposte per il Versante Meridionale della Val d'Aosta e le altrettante lungo le balconate sovrastanti il corso del Fiume Dora Baltea, passiamo ad analizzare una similare serie di gite rivolte all'emisfero Settentrionale, ovvero verso le sei valli che confinano con la Svizzera oltre a quella di Saint Barthélemy originantesi alle pendici della splendida Becca di Luseney, frequentatissima e rinomata cima nei secoli passati, per poi discendere con un asse Nordest/Sudovest verso la Valle Centrale. In ordine da Ovest ad Est avremo le Valli del Gran San Bernardo, Ollomomont con la superiore Conca di By, Valpelline, Saint Barthélemy, Valtournanche o del Torrente Marmore, Ayas o dell'Evançon ed infine Gressoney o Valle del Lys che scende dalla Catena del Monte Rosa. Una serie di altre 77 gite che potrebbero diventare molte di più, a seconda delle personali preferenze. Noi proponiamo queste avendole tutte effettuate, ma nulla vieta di variare i percorsi arricchendo i medesimi con scelte proprie. Tutte queste valli scorrono in modo più o meno perpendicolare verso la Dora Baltea, tranne, come già detto, quella di Saint Barthélemy e la lunga Valpelline che, con analogo andamento, proviene dalla Dent d'Hérens; le altre, ovvero "Valtornenza" ed Ayas, sono ai piedi del Cervino e della Catena che dai Breithorns si conclude alla Roccia Nera. Mentre per Gran San Bernardo e Conca di By son questi enormi terrazzi che si prestano alle escursioni, per le altre cinque valli gli itinerari si svolgono sui lunghi spartiacque divisori le medesime In questo lavoro analizziamo la prima parte fino alla Conca di By ed Ollomont.

Trattandosi di un area alquanto vasta divideremo questo lavoro in due specifiche parti:

Prima Parte:

1)- Valle del Gran San Bernardo, a sua volta divisa in due specifici settori:
1a)- Valloni Meridionali.
1b)- Divisorio Occidentale e cresta di confine Settentrionale.
2)- Valle di Ollomont e suoperiore Conca di By.

Seconda Parte:

3)- Valpelline.
4)- Valle di Saint Barthélemy.
5)- Valtournanche.
6)- Val d'Ayas.
7)- Valle di Gressoney.

Getting There

By car:

  • From TORINO, MILANO, etc: Motorway A5. Exit at IVREA or Quincinetto (PIEDMONT)

    From IVREA Town: before in West to Aosta, after in Northwest to Gignod, Etroubles, Saint-Oyen, Saint Rhémy en Bosses, (Southwestern and Northwestern Sides) and in North to Allein, Doues, Valpelline (Northeastern Side) Municipalities.

    From Courmayeur Resort: before in East to Aosta, after in Northwest to Gignod, Etroubles, Saint-Oyen, Saint Rhémy en Bosses, (Southwestern and Northwestern Sides) and in North to Allain, Doues, Valpelline (Northeastern Side) Municipalities.

    Southwestern Side:

    From Aosta Town to Merdeux Basin

    From Gignod Commune (988m) with Great Saint Bernard State Road n° 27 to alternative nearby Condemine Hamlet (1137m); leaving left through Municipal Road to Grand e Petit Buthier Villages (1302m, 1439m) in Chaligne Comba. From this last, with private dirt farms roads and through Mendey, Roncaille, Rombason Pastures up to the Chaligne Shelter (1936m), below Costa Tardiva (2380m), Tardiva Hill (2410m) and neighbor the Punta Chaligne (2608m).
    From Etroubles Commune (1270m), with dirt road and through Champ-Reclos (1425m), Yettes (1591m), Eteley (1716m), fork before Praz-Gallet (1626m), Ars (1975m) Pastures on Arsy Walloon, up to Chaz d'Arsy (2543mn); from this paths to Ars Pass (2534m), Costa Labiez (2632m).
    From Etroubles Commune (1270m), with dirt road through Champex (1411m; fork), Flassin de Meitin (1654m), Flassin (1700m), Tsa de Flassin (2258m) Pastures on Flassin Walloon; from this paths to Fenêtre Pass (2729m), Flassin Hill (2605m), Testa Cordella (2663m) and Tête Bois de Quart (2248m).
    From Saint-Oyen Commune (1377m), with State Road n° 27 to alternative 1502 metres; leaving North the same to great St. Bernard Hill, continue West to St. Leonard Fraction. From this to Citrin Walloon up to the Mont Flassin (2772m) Citrin Hill (2484m), Punta Valletta (2801m) and La Raye du Sodzé (2640m).
    From Saint-Oyen Commune (1377m), with previous Municipal Road to Mottes (1660m) Fraction, Farettes (1666m) Village; from this, with path through Arp du Bois Dèsott Pastures (1936m), alternative 1959 metres to Serena Walloon up to the Hill Serena (2547m) and Testa Serena (2830m). Variant: continue West from Farettes Village to Saint Michel (1732m) Fraction; from this last, tourning South always with Municipal Road, to Arp du Bois Dèsott Pastures.

    Northwestern Side:

    From Malatrà Hill to Grand Saint Bernard Basin Basin up to the

    From Saint-Oyen (1377m), with previous road to Mottes, continue West-northwest to Devies Village (1723m) at the beginning of Merdeux Comba; from this with paths through Merdeux Dèsott (1919m), Cotes (1930m), Manda (1973m), Tsa de Merdeux (2285m) Pastures to Malatrà Hill (2928m).
    From Saint Rhémy en Bosses Commune (1619m), through Municipal Road, on Merdeux Comba to Tsa de Merdeux (2285m) and Malatrà Hill (2928m).
    From Saint Rhémy en Bosses Commune (1619m) to Tula Comba to Saulié Pass (2817m), Aiguille des Cengles (2869m) and Angroniettes Pass (2936m).
    From Saint Rhémy en Bosses Commune (1619m) to Grand Saint Bernard Valley up to the Crévacol Hill and Testa (2498m, 2610m) Saint Rhémy Hill (2540m), Mont Rodzo (2632m), Pain de Sucre (2900m), Mont Fourchon (2902m), Fenêtre de Ferret Hill (2600m) and Grand Saint Bernard Hill (2469m).

    Northeastern Side:

    From Allain/Doues to Ollomont/Valpelline Communes with By Basin

    From Allein Commune (1251m), with Regional and Municipal Roads, to By Basin; from the entrance of this (various alpages reached by private dirt farms roads), through paths, up to the Mont Saron Southern Antesummit (2681m) and traverse on crest to Tete de la Praz (2751m) and Crou de Bleintse (2824m).
    From Doues Commune (1176m), with in asphalt Municipal Road, to By Basin; from this, with paths or dirt roads, to Mont Saron (2681m), Crou de Bleintse (2824m), Letey Refuge below Champillon Pass (2430), Mont Chenaille two Summits (3144m), Tsa d'Ansermin (2388m) and Monte Rotondo (2572m).
    From Ollomont Commune (1356m), trhough noumerous paths and variaous upper dirt farms roads, to By Conca; from this various routes in all directions up to the Maria Cristina Rosazza at Savoie Bivouac (2674m), Refuge Franco Chiarella-Amiante (2979m), Filon Alp (2478m), Bonne Mort Pass (2646m), Fenêtre Durand Hill (2797m), Nino Regondi Bivouac (2599m) and Lakes, Tsa de Berrio Alp (2165m), Cormet Hill (2354m) and Breuson Hill (2194m).

  • From FRANCE: through the Mont Blanc Tunnel to Entrèves-crossroads to Vény/Ferret Valleys - Mountain Guides of Courmayeur - La Saxe Rock Gym - Courmayeur. By Little Saint Bernard Pass, closed since November until half May to La Thuile Valley - Pré Saint Didier - Courmayeur.

    It is not necessary to take Motorway A5: you can drive on State Road n° 26, in the direction of AOSTA - IVREA - TURIN.

By plane:

  • Aeroporto Internazionale "Corrado Gex" Saint Christophe (Aosta).

"With all these Getting Ther, Signs & Panels do not understand anything! ... / Con tutti sti Getting There & Panneaux non ci capisco più un tubo! ..."

Great Saint Bernard South Side to "Coumba Freida"

"Come on skis or by snowshoes? ... / Andiamo con gli sci o le racchette? ...",

by andreaperino

Great Saint Bernard Valley.

Southern Walloons

It reaches from Gignod (988m), Etroubles (1270m), Saint-Oyen (1377m), Saint Rhémy en Bosses (1619m) Municipalities.

Southern Side (From Pointe de Met to Malatrà Pass)

"At beginning of Great Saint Bernard Valley to Chaligne",

by Maria Grazia Schiapparelli


1)- Basic Itinerary n° 1:
from Grand Buthier-Champlorensal (1315m) to Petit Buthier small Villages, Mendey (1547m) Ronchaille (1656m), Rombason (1695m) Pastures (1668m), Chaligne new Shelter nearby the homonym Alp (1936m; E/F; 1h '45/2h '00), below Northeast Slope of Punta Chaligne (2608m) and in East from Costa Tardiva Hill (2410m).

2)- Minimum Route n° 1: from fork near Petit Buthier Village (1409m; fountain), Mendey, Roncaille, Rombason Pastures to Arolla Dèsot (1692m) or to Damon Alpages (1794m; T/E; 1h '30/1h '45), always through dirt roads.

3)- Minimum Route n° 2: from fork 1870 metres, unnamed pasture, Collet Alpage (1919m; small dirt parking) to Lance Wood (between 1850/1950m; T; 0h '30/0h '45, for around half route). with dirt road to North-northeast.

"From Buthier Walloon to Chaligne Shelter",

by sergioenrico


4)- Basic Itinerary n° 2:
from Buthier (1319m), Petit Buthier Villages towards Roncailles, Rombason, Collet Pastures, Cross 2150 metres and traverse on watershed North/South of Costa Tardiva (2380m) to Hill (M; 3h '45/4h '15).

5)- Variant n° 1: from Chaligne Shelter (1936m) to Tardiva Hill, through West path in forest (E/F; 1h '45/2h '00).

6)- Variant n° 2: from Chaligne Shelter (1936m; new since years 2000), through small path into forest, towards saddle (about 2350m) on Eastern Crest of Punta Chaligne and traverse with short and easy descent to Met Alpage (2261m; E/F; 2h '00/2h '15), in Southern Walloon below Eastern slopes of Met Summit and Hill (2553m, 2485m).

7)- Exceptional Route n° 1: from refuge, saddle about 2350m, Punta Chaligne through final part of East Crest. NOTE: must be avoided both the ascent and the descent through the inviting especially the Northeast Slope; have already occurred on the same misfortunes mortal avalanche while backcountry skiing excursions. Even the Northern Ridge, which sends a branch to the Hill Tardiva and another to the Tsa Summit (2742m), it is very dangerous; it should always be the first route that takes place inside the forest, and then it is certainly somewhat more safe and secure. Otherwise you must jump over the saddle, losing a little altitude, climb to the Col de Met (2608m; M; 2h '45/3h '00).

"To Arsy Tsa",

by Antonio


8)- Basic Itinerary n° 3:
from fork 1750 metres towards Labié Wood, (Ru)Collet Pasture (1919m) and along Collet Brook on dirt road to Arsy or Ars Alp and Ars Tsa Alpage (1975m, 2263m; E/F; 2h '15/2h '30), below Mont d'Arsy (2830m)/Mont Fallère (3061m)/three Lakes/Ars Pass (2520m, 2534m)/Mont de Labiez (2832m), in homonym basin.

9)- Variant n° 3: from Tsa d'Arsy, pond (2320m), with dirt road in Northwest towards unnamed alp (2369m) in Ars Walloon; from this, with path in Southwest, to 1)- Arsy Pass. From pass, path in North under the watershed, to, through South Crest, 2)-Costa Labiez, near private and closed Forest Rangers Bivouac (2632m; E/F; 2h '00/2h '15).

"To Arsy Pass",

by Antonio


10)- Basic Itinerary n° 4:
from Saint-Oyen (+; 1373m) towards wooden small bridge above Artanavaz Torrent, Hotel Mont Velan, Campings "Mulino & Pineta", through dirt road between Rond/Champex Pastures, Flassin de Meitin Pasture (+; 1654m), Montagna Flassin (1700m), crossing the torrent in altitude around 2210/20 metres to Upper Tsa Flassin (2258m; E/F; 3h '30/4h '00), into large hemi circular Northern basin below Testa Cordella (2663m)/Mont Flassin (2762m)/Flassin Hill (2607m)/Fenêtre Pass (2728m)/Western Shoulder (2971m)/North-northeastern Ridge of Mont Fallère (3061m; private and closed shelter by Forest Rangers)/Ars Pass (2533m)/Costa Labiez/Grande Testa (2457m).

"To Flassin Tsa",

by andreaperino


11)- Exceptional Route n° 2:
from Saint-Oyen towards Tsa de Flassin to moraines below Fenêtre Pass (2729m), through North Slope with progressively more steep groundstones and blocks in terminal part (M+; 3h '45/4h '00).

12)- Variant n° 4: from Saint-Oyen Municipality towards Flassin Basin, Tsa de Flassin Upper Pasture, with dirt road; from alpage to Fenêtre Pass, through North Slope on steep debris, blocks and rotten rocks; easily continue, with traces amongst various hunting cairns and shelters on Northeast Crest, to Mont Vertosan (2822m; M+; 4h '00/4h '15).

"Flassin Walloon from Fenêtre Pass",

by livioz


13)- Exceptional Route n° 3:
from Saint-Oyen towards Flassin Comba and above, in East, Flassin Torrent, Tsa de Flassin to Flassin Hill (2605m), through small traces amongst debris on North-northeast Slope (M; 3h '30/4h '00).

14)- Exceptional Route n° 4: from Saint-Oyen towards Flassin Combe (Basin), Lower Flassin, Tsa (Upper) de Flassin, unnamed alp (2439m; ruins) to Testa Cordella (2663m), through path-traces on Southeast Slope (M; 3h '30/4h '15).

"Flassin Walloon & Testa Cordella",

by Marco Cossard "Crevassino"


15)- Variant n° 5:
from Saint-Oyen, neighbor Flassin Camping at the beginning of Flassin Walloon, towards Lower Flassin to Tsa de Flassin Alpages, with dirt road in Flassin Comba (Basin); from this to Tête Bois de Quart, nearby Forest Rangers Bivouac (2248m; private), through easy diagonal path on South-southeast Slope (E/F; 1h '00/1h '15).

16)- Basic Itinerary n° 5: from Saint-Oyen-San Leonardo (+; 1519m) towards small bridge above Artanavaz Torrent, Lower Citrin Pasture (1504m) and Middle (2005m) to Tsa de Citrin, always with path (2312m; E/F+; 1h '45/2h '00).

17)- Exceptional Route n° 5: from Saint-Oyen-San Leonard (1519m), Comba (+; 1499m), Pont Fractions, "Chalybeate Source", Citrin de Meitin (2005m), Tsa de Citrin or Damon (2312m), Citrin Hill (2484m)