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McKennaFinally got it  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Sep 2, 2017


Been on my list for years. Surprisingly beautiful and one of the better hikes around the valley. Make sure to follow the trail markers or you'll end up on some nasty rocks. Great area to explore off trail as well.
Posted Oct 19, 2017 10:54 am

Clubbox42Rocks Will Get You  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jul 20, 2016


Hiked with my uncle for his birthday, started out on nice Trail 006, crossed a stream onto Trail 007, which shortly gets steeper and rockier. Now, the complaints I've heard before about this hike all involve the steepness, but for me the rocks were the big problem on this one, particularly on the descent. Anyways, that's not to say this trail isn't steep, with very little respite, pretty consistent up through scenic forests and meadows up to an open basin that affords the first views of the summit. Steep switchbacks above a little pond, then extremely steep switchbacks a little above that, then you'll reach the first saddle, then the trail wraps around the West side of the ridge. Continue around a false summit to another saddle, where I went ahead, followed shortly by my uncle, up the final stretch to the summit at last. Excellent views of the Wasatch Front to the North and South, rolling hills to the East, the Great Basin to the West, and a few peaks in the Uintas far to the NE. Signed the register, took in views, ate food, noted a USGS BM and the triangulation station, then slogged our way back down. The descent on this one--not unlike the Pfeifferhorn--was really not very fun at all, due to the afore-mentioned rocks, but at last we reached the bottom. Pretty--if difficult--hike, great views, would recommend this very prominent peak.
Posted Aug 1, 2016 6:15 pm

jtrainPerfect Fall Day  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Oct 16, 2015


Finally bagged this peak, which I've wanted to do for quite awhile, the day before the rifle hunt. Took around 7 hours round trip. The weather couldn't have been better. Saw a stupid hunter coming up the trail on a dirt bike. I told him there were no dirt bikes allowed on the trail but that didn't seem to bother him much.
Posted Oct 20, 2015 5:23 pm

Michael TildenSolo Climb
Date Climbed: Dec 24, 2014

Michael Tilden

Got just below the top. Felt I should turn back for some reason, even with summit easily within grasp. Followed my gut. Winter conditions.
Posted Dec 29, 2014 1:57 pm

jed.campbellNW Ridge  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Nov 1, 2014
There's a faint trail that starts at the equestrian parking at the base of Maple Canyon. The trail follows the NW ridge to the summit ridge, and is fairly straightforward. It's over 5,000' at about a 35° average slope, so it's not the easiest climb, but there's nothing technical about it. There's a bit of bushwacking through scrub oak and stuff, so the trail might be best done in either the snow or late fall, when there are no leaves on the greenery.
Posted Nov 3, 2014 10:39 pm

harborLabor Day Hike  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Sep 1, 2014


Standard summer route up RH-Fork. Trail head was completely full. Lots of locals from Mapleton hiking today. Many successful summiters. One family saw a bear and 2 cubs earlier than I started around the 1m marker. Would have been cool to see >.<

Hiked up in 3 hrs 30 min. Hiked down in ~2hrs. I purposefully took a slower than normal pace going down because of how relentlessly steep this hike is. I didn't want to destroy my knees.

Hazy views on top. Could barely see Nebo. The summit register notebooks are all either full or totally unusable from water damage. It would be nice if a more weatherproof box could be brought up with a nicer notebook. Looks like this peak sees a lot of visitors.
Posted Sep 2, 2014 12:57 am

Moogie737On a 7-mile soaking wet trail  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Aug 19, 2014


#1 8-19-14 Overnight rains made the brush-lined trail a miniature rain forest. Plus it rained several times. Started from the Maple Canyon/Equestrian TH so the soggy r/t was 14 miles. In clouds on top. #2 7-18-15 Exploratory hike mit Yz und Hunden. #3 7-31-15 W/ Yz and Ben S.
Posted Aug 25, 2014 7:34 pm

yadahzoemtnVia Maple Canyon  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jul 12, 2014


What a beautiful hike with great hiking companions: Brent, Brewster, Miko and Nala. Loved the views. Loved the hike. IVD
Posted Jul 12, 2014 7:32 pm

TonyTheJetWhole Mountain to Myself!  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jun 15, 2014


I had an unsuccessful trip up 2 weeks ago, in which I wasted too much time off the trail (due to the snow obscuring the direction), and then had to book it back to be home in time for relatives who were visiting.

Today, much of the snow was gone, although there were still places where it covered the trail, forcing me to do an awkward crab-walk across 6-7 small snow fields. All in all, though, I got up there in a very good time. While I wouldn't say it's one of my all-time favorite Wasatch peaks, if you're looking for great scenery, a variety of ecosystems, and a heck of a workout, this is a great peak. "Poor man's Timp"
Posted Jun 15, 2014 10:18 pm

ApexrockVia Crowd Ridge  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Dec 16, 2013


We thought there'd be a lot more snow than there actually was. We were forced to bounce back and forth between snow shoeing and bushwacking the entire way up. It was definitely worth it though. Incredible views the entire way.
Posted Dec 17, 2013 3:45 pm

utahjimkvia R Fork Maple Canyon  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Oct 13, 2013


WMC hike led by SCGRANT, & Greg & Kevin.
Harsh winter conditions on summit - we didn't remain there long.
Posted Oct 14, 2013 11:06 am

scgrantSpanish Fork Peak  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Oct 13, 2013


10/13/2013 With the WMC via the Right Fork of Maple Canyon. Great hike under some slightly adverse conditions. Snowy and cold on top, but great views. Regardless of the conditions it was forecasted to be worse, so very grateful.
Posted Oct 13, 2013 9:21 pm

TonyTheJetCool Mountain!  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jun 16, 2013


I did this one solo. What a lush, beautiful mountain! I would advise anyone going up here during the warmer months to have plenty of bug spray, as they flies and mosquitoes are terrible in the dense green areas.

Also, note that you must turn off the main trail about 1/4 of a mile in. I'm sure many people have missed that turn to the right at the wooden bench.
Posted Jun 17, 2013 10:06 am

liliacarrillo0822Nice view   Sucess!
Date Climbed: Sep 22, 2012


My friend and I started this hike early the plan was to do a pull up at the top, we took a lot of picture with my iphone it was really fun, but as soon as we got home my phone died so I lost all my pics, planing on doing this again....
Posted May 15, 2013 5:31 pm

ZeeJayPerfect weather  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jan 21, 2013


Started on route 6. Went up Wind Rock Ridge and over P9764 along the way. 1F to start. Very windy at the base and top, but perfectly calm in the middle. There were 2 short (<.1 miles each) annoyingly brushy spots on the ridge, but the rest of it was great. There is good plowed parking at N40.0419 W111.54355.
Posted Jan 22, 2013 6:20 am

Jwp2025Don't miss the turn
Date Climbed: Jul 30, 2011
We missed the trailhead which is across the stream about 1/8 of mile from the parking lot. We ended up some other canyon. Noticed the correct trail on the way back down.
Posted May 16, 2012 1:18 pm

PrinceOfNorwayAfter work!  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jun 27, 2011


I love summers and how long the days last. I was able to get to the top of this mountain after work...it was very dark when I got back but that's what head lamps are for! I had a deer look down at me from the top of a cornice. Funniest thing I have ever seen.
Posted Oct 21, 2011 6:15 pm

rmjwintersvia Right Fork Maple Canyon  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Sep 22, 2011


Hiked via Trail 007, Right Fork of Maple Canyon. Leaves are starting to turn. Only saw one other individual all day. Snuck up on a big, bull moose near the "lake" at 8,700 ft.
Posted Sep 23, 2011 1:02 pm

runbyu1Rock Slide!  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Oct 7, 2010


Ran from the parking lot to the top relatively chill and took quite a few pics, took about 1:50. With just over a mile to the top we believe a Mountain Goat caused a rock slide. This caused a huge shower of rocks to come off the cliffs and us to run for our lives! Luckily the closest any rocks got to us were about 40 meters or so. It was cold up top (especially in shorts and a T). We hammered down the rocky trail in 47 minutes and were glad to be done as the Thunderstorm hit. Did I mention the trail is REALLY rocky---probably the worst foot placement of any maintained trail in the Wasatch that I've done. Not a mountain I'm stoked about doing again but I'm psyched to have gotten it out of the way as it's one of the 7 peaks.
Posted Oct 23, 2010 7:51 pm

MikerHikerGreat Hike  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Sep 19, 2010


Started at 7:15 am and made the Summit at 11:15 Took our time and had a great time. Back to the car at 2:30 Did't see any critters except a couple squirrels. Hiked with kadee
Posted Sep 19, 2010 10:13 pm

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