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Standard Route

Standard Route


Page Type: Route

Location: Montana, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 45.47140°N / 110.4656°W

Object Title: Standard Route

Route Type: Scramble

Time Required: Less than two hours

Difficulty: Walk-Up

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This Route takes about an hour and a half from Pine Creek Lake. Keep in mind that reaching the lake itself takes about two and a half hours. The climb from the trail head to the top takes around 5 hours at a good pace. The total elevation gain is around 5,000 feet (2,000 feet from the lake).

Route Description

The standard route leaves Pine Creek Lake to the west. This is crucial to stay west of the prominant ridge that originates directly south of Jewel Lake, the small pond below Pine Creek Lake. Follow the center of the cirque to the top of the ridge. It may be easier to angle to the east near the top of the ridge. Once on top of the ridge, follow it south-east. It is fairly easy walking until the top of the "y-couloir" is reached. At this point, there is a ledge, it's several feet high, and looks dangerous! Don't try to hop off of it, it could end up bad. So, at this point it is best to back track a short distance, and then drop off to the southern side of the ridge. Don't drop more than 50 feet, it isn't worth it. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! If you come to a ledge that drops about 6 feet or so into the Y-couloir, WALK BACK ABOUT 40-50 FEET, then drop down. This is the only piece that could be reasonably dangerous, unless you drop slightly to the south under the cliffs.

Once around this section, follow the 'ridge.' The ridge almost seems to dissapear, it looks more like a big rocky field up to the dome-like summit.

Don't forget to watch the weather, storms come in fast from the south and east.

Essential Gear

Wear good boots, it's rough terrain. Support is essential, and waterproof boots are nice in the wet snow. (Take some low gaiters if you have them.)

In the spring, an ice axe may be helpful for the descent, although that takes the fun out of the awesome glissade down the 800+ feet of snowfields.

Be ready for any type of weather, it often snows in June and September, dress accordingly.

Miscellaneous Info

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montana boyaxe for glissade

montana boy

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This is in response to the comment regarding the "800+ foot glissade" listed on "Essential Gear" portion of this page.

I don't want to sound like a know it all, but you really should glissade with an axe in hand, allowing you to regulate your speed, steer (sorta), and arrest if need be. That is my humble experience, and what I have been taught. Read "Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills".
Posted Feb 28, 2006 11:19 pm

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