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To-do List - Joshua Tree
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To-do List - Joshua Tree


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The Awfulwidth (Completed 1/7/12)
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Touch and Go
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Pope's Crack
Jumar of Flesh
Comic Book


La Bella Katchina
Tax Evasion
Dangling Woo Li Master
Tax Man (Completed 1/7/12)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Full Frontal Nudity
Prepackaged (Completed 12/31/11)
Head Over Heels (Completed 12/31/11)
Tossed Green
Right Baskerville Crack
Modern Warfare
Loose Lady
Ball Bearing (Completed 1/22/12)
Bird of Fire (Completed 1/1/12)
Frontal Lobotomy
Caught Inside on a Big Set
Grain Surgery
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Make or Break Flake
Left Baskerville Crack
The Bruiser
Book of Changes
Tinker Toys
Invisible Touch
Six Pack Crack
Light Sabre
Bloody Tax Break
Left Mel Crack
Effigy Too
Friendly Hands
Bighorn Dihedral
Lower Right Ski Track
Jerry Brown
I Can't Believe It's a Girdle
Poodles Are People Too
Right V Crack
Witch Hunt
Firewater Chimney
Run For Your Life
Figures on a Landscape


Tails of Poodles
Trespessers Will Be Violated
Left Banana Crack (Completed 1/7/12)
O'Kelley's Crack
Foreign Legion
A Woman's Work Is Never Done
Right Mel Crack
Clean and Jerk (Completed 1/22/12)
What's It To You
The Importance of Being Ernest
The Decompensator of Lhasa
Imaginary Voyage
Perpetual Motion
Cedric's Deep Sea Fish Market
Morning Thunder
Poodle Woof
Heart of Darkness
Crime of the Century


Grit Roof
Lemon Slicer
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Right Banana Crack
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