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Male, 41 years old

Craig, Colorado, United States

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Occupation: Engineer

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Partner Details: I'm always looking for partners for adventures. Feel free to PM or email me any time.

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See the Wish List-Mountains and Rocks for summit climbs I hope to accomplish.

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Summits Climbed (includes all repeats)1986Mt. Timpanogos (Utah): July 4 1981La Soufriere (Saint Vincent): April 7 2016
Winter Ascents262Mt. Olympus (Utah): December 26 1989New York Mountain (Colorado): March 13 2016
Technical Canyons189Subway [bottom up all the way to Russell Gulch] (Utah): September 5 1987Upper Chute (Utah) April 17 2016
Rock Towers/Technical Buttes25Balanced Rock Tower (Utah): October 1995Rabbit Ears (Colorado): September 20 2014
Overseas Climbs 131Popocatépetl (Mexico): December 1992La Soufriere (Saint Vincent): April 7 2016



Yes; I've climbed a lot of mountains, but my wife and kids are still my greatest accomplishment. They will always be #1 in my life.


Most of the time, the "Classics" are classics only because they are well known and easy to get to. For every classic peak or route, there is one just as good, that sees far fewer visitors. Some of the "less known classics" (there are many, many more):

Some Utah "Less Known Classics":

Reids Peak
Gem Canyon 1
Gem Canyon 2
The Cathedral
Clearwater Canyon
Adobe Mesa
Priord Peak
Blue Mountain
Split Mountain-South
Split Mountain
Henrys Fork Peak
Elephant Butte

Some Colorado "Less Known Classics":

Lone Cone
Buckwater Draw
Buckwater Draw-South
Eagles Nest
Cross Mountain
Outlaw Peak
Outlaw Arch Canyon
Sand Mountain


I do not mind answering questions or giving advice as to any of the mountains I have climbed, so if you are looking for more information, feel free to email me. Also, I do not mind helping new members with their pages. I am not an expert, but if you need any help with your pages, I will be happy to do so.

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My Areas & Ranges (29)
My Mountains & Rocks (218)
Siete Hermanos (Puna de Atacama)
La Soufrière (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Mount Qua Qua (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Cerro Mulas Muertas (Puna de Atacama)
Wellsville Cone (Wellsville Mountains)
Lost Lakes Peak East (Flat Tops)
W Mountain (Flat Tops)
Buffalo Ridge (Park Range)
Davis Peak (Park Range)
City Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Mount Ethel (Colorado 11ers)
Lost Ranger Peak (Colorado 11ers)
Ryder Peaks (Rabbit Ears Range)
Chimney Rock (5th Class Colorado Peaks)
Man of War (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Flagstaff Hill (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Dock Rock (Fisher Towers/Onion Creek Towers)
Pigeon Peak (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Mount Tabor (Caribbean Island Peaks)
El Cerro del Aripo (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Emerald Mountain (Quarry Mountain) (Williams Fork Mountains)
"Forgotten Point" (Peak 10245) (Elkhead Mountains)
East Temple Peak (Wind River Range)
Buck Mountain South (Colorado 11ers)
Buck Mountain North (Colorado 11ers)
Wingle Ridge (Peak) (Gore Range)
Shrine Mountain (Gore Range)
Jaro Ri (Nepal Trek-able Peaks and Mountains)
Nangkartshang Peak (Nepal Trek-able Peaks and Mountains)
Hamugon (Nepal Trek-able Peaks and Mountains)
"Dead Horse Peak" (High Uintas Wilderness)
"North Cathedral" (High Uintas Wilderness)
Peak 10931 (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
"Penny Nickell Peak" (Peak 12,127) (High Uintas Wilderness)
"Cleve Peak" (a.k.a. "North Cleve") (High Uintas Wilderness)
Flat Top BM (Kings-Emmons Ridge)
"Timberline Point" (Peak 11,139) (High Bollies/Eastern Uintas)
"Lakeshore Peak" (High Bollies/Eastern Uintas)
Mount Untermann (High Bollies/Eastern Uintas)
"Fish Lake Peak" (High Bollies/Eastern Uintas)
Sawtooth Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Sheep Mountain (Flat Tops)
Red Mountain (Sierra Madre)
"North Slater Peak" (Elkhead Mountains)
"Slater Peak" (Elkhead Mountains)
Black Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Red Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Patmos Head (Book Cliffs)
Mount Riley (Alaska Coast Range Region)
"Shakuseyi Peak" (Peak 3920) (Alaska Coast Range Region)
Mount Ripinski (Alaska Coast Range Region)
East and West Cabrits (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Morne Nicholls (Boiling Lake) (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Morne Trois Pitons (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Slide Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Hunter Peak (Guadalupe Mountains National Park)
"South Diamond Peak" (Elkhead Mountains)
Diamond Peak (Elkhead Mountains)
Cougar Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Sugar Loaf Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
The Shoulder (Wasatch Range (South))
Saddle Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Baldy Mountain (Flat Tops)
Temple Mountain (San Rafael Swell)
Turkey Knob (Henry Mountains)
Buckeye Peak (Gore Range)
Corral Peaks (Rabbit Ears Range)
Meaden Peak West (Elkhead Mountains)
Buck Point (Elkhead Mountains)
Grass Mountain (Beartooth Range)
Cascade Mountain (Never Summer Range)
Lookout Peak (Rabbit Ears Range)
Mount Epworth (Front Range (CO))
White Cliffs Peak (Vasquez Mountains)
Elk Mountain (Colorado 2,000 foot Prominence Peaks)
Bottle Peak (Vasquez Mountains)
Ptarmigan Peak (Vasquez Mountains)
Mount Yeckel (Colorado 11ers)
Smuggler Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
Bald Knob (Colorado 11ers)
El Morro (US National Monuments)
Mount Flora (Front Range (CO))
Escarpment Peak (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Ancient Art (Fisher Towers/Onion Creek Towers)
Window Blind Peak (San Rafael Swell)
Yellow Rock (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Mount Oliphant (Elkhead Mountains)
Bald Mountain (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Cedar Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Hoyt Peak (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Cerro Yanamauras (Volcanoes of Arequipa)
Cerro Cerani (Volcanoes of Arequipa)
Volcán Ubinas (Volcanoes of Arequipa)
Duffy Mountain (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Trappers Peak (Flat Tops)
"NW Wasatch" (Peak 13,039) (High Uintas Wilderness)
Volcán Turrialba (Costa Rica Volcanoes)
Sheep (Snow) Mountain (Vasquez Mountains)
Diamond Mountain (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Frisco Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Mount Juneau (Alaska Coast Range Region)
"Outlaw Peak" (5th Class Colorado Peaks)
Sleepy Cat Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Krakatau (Volcanoes of Indonesia)
Walton Peak (Gore Range)
Nipple Peak (Elkhead Mountains)
Cowboy Hat Tower (Black Ridge)
Elephant Butte (Arches National Park)
The Cobra (Fisher Towers/Onion Creek Towers)
Mount Lovenia (High Uintas Wilderness)
Aorai (Tahiti) (French Polynesia (Tahiti))
Rotui (Moorea) (Moorea Island Peaks)
Mouaputa (Moorea) (Moorea Island Peaks)
Mount Welba (Elkhead Mountains)
Leidy Peak (High Bollies/Eastern Uintas)
Marsh Peak (High Bollies/Eastern Uintas)
"Henrys Fork Peak" (High Uintas Wilderness)
Cerro Carambola (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Bridger Peak (Wyoming 1000-ft Prominence Peaks)
West Gunsight (a.k.a. Dome) Peak (High Uintas Wilderness)
Sand Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Bears Ears (Elkhead Mountains)
Devils Thumb (Indian Peaks (CO))
Skyscraper Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
Peak 12,695 (Peak 12,660) (Indian Peaks (CO))
North Star Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Black Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Sugarloaf Mountain (Snowy Range)
Pagoda Peak (Colorado 11ers)
Cross Mountain (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Stanley Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Split Mountain-South (Utah: Some "Unknown Classics")
Blue Mountain (a.k.a. Cliff Ridge) (Utah: Some "Unknown Classics")
"Priord Peak" (High Uintas Wilderness)
Mount Marsell (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Scout and Lofty Peaks (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Wall Peak (Wall BM) (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Long Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Duke Mountain (a.k.a. Flat Iron Mountain) (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Cone Peak (Peak 11,260) (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Abajo Peak (Utah 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
"West Clover Mountain" (High Uintas Wilderness)
Mitchell Peak (Cirque of the Towers)
Hahns Peak (Elkhead Mountains)
Moffit Peak/Gold Hill (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Haystack Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Spread Eagle Peak (High Uintas Wilderness)
Baker Peak (Great Basin National Park)
Adobe Mesa (La Sal Mountains)
Mount Zirkel (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Baldy Peak (Tushar Mountains)
Mount Belknap (Tushar Mountains)
Signal Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Tokewanna Peak (High Uintas Wilderness)
Flat Top Mountain (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Wasatch BM (High Uintas Wilderness)
Volcán Irazu (Costa Rica Volcanoes)
Poon Hill (Nepal Trek-able Peaks and Mountains)
Mount Emmons (Kings-Emmons Ridge)
Lamotte Peak (High Uintas Wilderness)
The Cathedral (High Uintas Wilderness)
Kukenan Tepui (Guiana Highlands)
Eagles Nest (Gore Range)
Meridian Peak (Gore Range)
Colorado Mines Peak (Front Range (CO))
Rincón de la Vieja (Costa Rica Volcanoes)
Volcán Poás/Volcán Barva (Costa Rica Volcanoes)
Cerro Terbi/Crestones (Cordillera Talamanca)
Cerro Ventisqueros (Cordillera Talamanca)
Volcán Arenal (Costa Rica Volcanoes)
Mount Aire (Wasatch Range (Central))
Swasey Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
South Kings Peak (Kings-Emmons Ridge)
Mount Agassiz (High Uintas Wilderness)
Eccentric BM (Chepeta Peak) (High Bollies/Eastern Uintas)
Mount Tomasaki (La Sal Mountains)
Mount Waas (Utah County Highpoints)
Mount Garfield (Book Cliffs)
Gilbert Peak (High Uintas Wilderness)
Castle Peak (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Notch Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Bald Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Reids Peak (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Mount Watson (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Crag Crest (Grand Mesa)
Lone Cone (San Juan Range)
Cráter de La Olleta (Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados)
Mount Elgon (Africa's 4000+ meter peaks)
Monte Roraima (Guiana Highlands)
Medicine Bow Peak (Snowy Range)
Split Mountain (Utah: Some "Unknown Classics")
Mauna Loa (Big Island Peaks)
Byers Peak (Vasquez Mountains)
Nevado del Tolima (Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados)
Capitol Peak (Colorado 14ers)
El Misti (Volcanoes of Arequipa)
Nevado Del Ruiz (Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados)
Tabeguache Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Pico Duarte (Caribbean Island Peaks)
Cerro Chirripó (Cordillera Talamanca)
Volcán Tacaná (Guatemala)
Volcán Tajumulco (Guatemala)
Mount Elbrus (Caucasus)
My Routes (388)
Via Big Springs (W Mountain)
Government Trail (Grand Gulch)
Mount Juneau Trail (Mount Juneau)
West Ridge via La Laja (El Cerro del Aripo)
Jungle Trail #8 (Gunung Beremban (Cameron Highlands))
"Forgotten Point" from the East ("Forgotten Point" (Peak 10245))
Buck Mountain North via Gem Lake (Buck Mountain North)
Buck Mountain South via Lake Diana (Buck Mountain South)
Jungle Trail #3 (Gunung Beremban (Cameron Highlands))
Lackawanna Couloir (Southwest Couloir) (UN13,823 "Lackawanna Peak" and UN 13,660B)
Nangkartshang via Southwest Ridge (Nangkartshang Peak)
Chamber of the Basilisk-Technical Route (Chamber of the Basilisk (Goblins Lair))
Rock Creek Route ("Dead Horse Peak")
West Fork Blacks Fork Route ("Dead Horse Peak")
North Cathedral via South Ridge ("North Cathedral")
West Ridge via Jennings Creek (Tabeguache Peak)
Lakeshore Peak via North Ridge ("Lakeshore Peak")
Dry Gulch Route (Flat Top BM)
Ptarmigan Flat Top via Stillwater Reservoir ("Ptarmigan Flat Top" (Peak 12,008))
Ptarmigan Flat Top via Mandall Creek ("Ptarmigan Flat Top" (Peak 12,008))
West Ridge via Crescent Lake (Sheep Mountain)
Bumble Bee Ridge ("Slater Peak")
North Slater via Willow Creek ("North Slater Peak")
Southeast Face/South Ridge (Temple Mountain)
West Ridge Patmos Head (Patmos Head)
Shakuseyi Peak via Sevenmile Saddle ("Shakuseyi Peak" (Peak 3920))
West Cabrit via Fort Shirley (East and West Cabrits)
Morne Nicholls and Boiling Lake (standard route) (Morne Nicholls (Boiling Lake))
Trois Pitons via Pont Casse (Morne Trois Pitons)
Southwest Ridge ("South Diamond Peak")
Mica Mine (Bangs Canyon)
"East Garfield" (Mount Garfield)
West Face (Sugar Loaf Mountain)
East Ridge (Cougar Mountain)
Via Morapos Creek (Baldy Mountain)
East Ridge (Meaden Peak West)
South Ridge via Lake Mary (Grass Mountain)
White Cliffs Peak via Blue Ridge (White Cliffs Peak)
West Slopes via Hunter Creek (Smuggler Mountain)
Hunter Creek Route (Bald Knob)
Montaña del Celaque Loop (Cerro Celaque - Las Minas - Honduras)
Northeast Spur (Escarpment Peak)
North Rib (Window Blind Peak)
East Slopes (Yellow Rock)
Fiddler Cove Canyon via Red Benches (Fiddler Cove Canyon)
North Ridge from the West (Mount Oliphant)
Meaden Peak East via the East ("Meaden Peak East" (McFaddin Peak))
Route via Cabanaconde to Andagua (Cañon del Colca (Peru))
Cabanaconde-Llauar-Sangalle (Cañon del Colca (Peru))
Bone Trail (Duffy Mountain)
"Amphitheatre Peak" via Trappers Lake ("Amphitheatre Peak" (Peak 11369))
Trappers Peak via Wall Lake (Trappers Peak)
New Hance Trail (Grand Canyon National Park)
Pine Creek-Standard Route (Pine Creek Slot)
Poncho Wash Loop Route (Poncho Wash)
West Fork (Bluejohn Canyon)
West E/E Route (Bluejohn Canyon)
Little Bluejohn (Bluejohn Canyon)
East Fork Bluejohn (Bluejohn Canyon)
Squeeze Fork Bluejohn (Bluejohn Canyon)
Main Fork Bluejohn (Bluejohn Canyon)
Chokecherry Draw to VABM Summit (Diamond Mountain)
Morgan Creek Falls (Ice Climbing) (Elkhead Mountains)
Mauna Loa Trail (Mauna Loa)
Scoggins Draw via Outlaw Park (Scoggin Draw (Outlaw Arch Canyon))
South Ridge (Sleepy Cat Peak)
Bullet Canyon Route (Bullet Canyon)
Kane Gulch (Grand Gulch)
Harrison Creek (Walton Peak)
North Ridge (Leidy Peak)
Professor Creek-Loop (Professor Creek)
Thinkin' Cap (Cowboy Hat Tower)
West Fins (Elephant Butte)
East Fork Blacks Fork (Mount Lovenia)
West Fork Blacks Fork (Mount Lovenia)
Le Belvedere Route (Aorai (Tahiti))
Three Coconuts Pass from Opunoho Bay (Moorea Island Peaks)
Vaiare-Paopao Route (Moorea Island Peaks)
North Ridge Route (Rotui (Moorea))
Vaioro Valley Route (Mouaputa (Moorea))
Maunga Pukatikei via the Northwest (Rano Raraku; Maunga Pukatikei (Easter Island))
Rano Raraku Loop Route via Ahu Tongariki (Rano Raraku; Maunga Pukatikei (Easter Island))
Maunga Terevaka via Ahu Akiva (Rano Kau; Maunga Terevaka (Easter Island))
Rano Kau via Hanga Roa (Rano Kau; Maunga Terevaka (Easter Island))
South Ridge via the West (Mount Welba)
Highline Trail, East Ridge ("Henrys Fork Peak")
Uinta River, East Ridge ("Henrys Fork Peak")
Swift Creek, Milk Lake, East Ridge ("Henrys Fork Peak")
West Fork Whiterocks, East Ridge ("Henrys Fork Peak")
Henrys Fork, East Ridge ("Henrys Fork Peak")
Uinta River/Anderson Pass (West Gunsight (a.k.a. Dome) Peak)
Swift Creek/Milk Lake/Anderson Pass (West Gunsight (a.k.a. Dome) Peak)
West Fork Whiterocks/Anderson Pass (West Gunsight (a.k.a. Dome) Peak)
Highline Trail/Anderson Pass (West Gunsight (a.k.a. Dome) Peak)
Henrys Fork/Anderson Pass (West Gunsight (a.k.a. Dome) Peak)
West Slopes (Leidy Peak)
Ashley Twins-East Slopes (Marsh Peak )
South Ridge (Solo Flight) (Lone Eagle Peak)
Swift Creek Route (Kings-Emmons Ridge)
Dry Gulch Route (Kings-Emmons Ridge)
Uinta River Route (Kings-Emmons Ridge)
Via Ripple Creek Pass (Lost Lakes Peak West (Lost BM))
Trail #1175 via 480A (Sand Mountain)
Rollins Pass/West Ridge (Skyscraper Peak)
Devils Thumb Park/Cabin Creek (Peak 12,695 (Peak 12,660))
Rollins Pass (Peak 12,695 (Peak 12,660))
East Ridge (North Star Mountain)
Trail 1144-Connecting Loop (Black Mountain)
Southeast Ridge (Black Mountain)
Via Berthoud Pass (Stanley Mountain)
Razorback Ridge-Second Summit (Mt. Timpanogos (UT))
Shingle Creek Route (Long Mountain)
Middle Fork Weber River (Cone Peak (Peak 11,260))
Valle de Tetero (Pico Duarte)
La Ciénaga (Pico Duarte)
Harpers Corner (Split Mountain-South)
Bighorn Route (Split Mountain-South)
Razor Ridge (Blue Mountain (a.k.a. Cliff Ridge))
Las Latas-SAFER VARIATION (Nevado del Tolima)
Ruth Lake Route (Mount Marsell)
Kamas Lake Route (Mount Marsell)
Cuberant Lake Route (Mount Marsell)
Ruth Lake-East Pass Variation (Scout and Lofty Peaks)
Ruth Lake-Cutthroat Lake/Pass Variation (Scout and Lofty Peaks)
Lofty Lake Loop Route (Scout and Lofty Peaks)
Spirit Lake Route (Eccentric BM (Chepeta Peak))
Crystal Lake Route (Wall Peak (Wall BM))
Norway Flats Route (Wall Peak (Wall BM))
Shingle Creek Route (Wall Peak (Wall BM))
Upper Setting Route (Wall Peak (Wall BM))
Smith and Morehouse Route (Long Mountain)
Gardners Fork Route (Long Mountain)
Crystal Lake Route (Long Mountain)
Norway Flats Route (Long Mountain)
Upper Setting Route (Long Mountain)
Smith and Morehouse Route (Cone Peak (Peak 11,260))
Crystal Lake Route (Cone Peak (Peak 11,260))
Shingle Creek Route (Cone Peak (Peak 11,260))
Norway Flats Route (Cone Peak (Peak 11,260))
Upper Setting Route (Cone Peak (Peak 11,260))
Box Canyon (Castle Peak)
Box Canyon (Duke Mountain (a.k.a. Flat Iron Mountain))
South Fork Weber River (Duke Mountain (a.k.a. Flat Iron Mountain))
Upper Setting (Duke Mountain (a.k.a. Flat Iron Mountain))
Paulsin Basin (Duke Mountain (a.k.a. Flat Iron Mountain))
Yellow Pine Creek (Duke Mountain (a.k.a. Flat Iron Mountain))
Miners Basin (Mount Waas)
Northwest Ridge (Tokewanna Peak)
Northeast Ridge (Tokewanna Peak)
"West Clover" via Clover BM and NE ridge ("West Clover Mountain")
"Cleve Peak" via East Ridge ("Cleve Peak" (a.k.a. "North Cleve"))
"Cleve Peak" via Fox-Queant Pass ("Cleve Peak" (a.k.a. "North Cleve"))
Naturalist Basin (Mount Agassiz)
West Fork Whiterocks River (South Kings Peak)
Highline Trail (South Kings Peak)
Highline Trail (Kings Peak)
North Ridge (Gilbert Peak)
Gold Hill via Mill City Creek (Moffit Peak/Gold Hill)
Gold Hill via Whitney Reservior (Moffit Peak/Gold Hill)
Gold Hill via Gold Hill Pass (Moffit Peak/Gold Hill)
Moffit Peak via Beaver Lake (Moffit Peak/Gold Hill)
Moffit Peak via Moffit Pass (Moffit Peak/Gold Hill)
North Ridge (Haystack Mountain)
Naturalist Basin Route (Spread Eagle Peak)
Hayden Pass/Rock Creek Route (Spread Eagle Peak)
Christmas Meadows/Stillwater Fork (Spread Eagle Peak)
Stolen Chimney (Ancient Art)
Uinta River (South Kings Peak)
Swift Creek/Yellowstone Creek (South Kings Peak)
Kings-Emmons Ridge (South Kings Peak)
Bunnells Fork (Cascade Mountain)
Las Cruces (Popocatepetl)
Fisher Towers Trail (Fisher Towers/Onion Creek Towers)
C-4 Approach (Fisher Towers/Onion Creek Towers)
C-3 Approach (Fisher Towers/Onion Creek Towers)
C-2 Approach (Fisher Towers/Onion Creek Towers)
C-1 Approach (Fisher Towers/Onion Creek Towers)
Keyser Creek Route (Bills Peak)
Keyser Creek Route (Byers Peak)
Old Byers Peak Trail (Byers Peak)
New Beyers Peak Trail (Byers Peak)
La Linea (Volcán Tacaná)
Llano de la Guardia (Volcán Tajumulco)
Standard Route (Kinabalu)
Hayden Pass (A-1 Peak)
Hell Hole Basin (A-1 Peak)
West Face Direct (Kletting Peak)
Hell Hole Basin (Kletting Peak)
Alternate Exit Route (Buckwater Draw)
Northeast Ridge (Lone Cone)
West Slopes (Nevado Del Ruiz)
Volcan Turrialba-Standard Route (Volcán Turrialba)
Pan de Azúcar (Nevado Puracé/Pan de Azúcar)
Priord Lake Route (Lamotte Peak)
Kings-Emmons Ridge (Kings Peak)
Uinta River (Kings Peak)
East Face Gullies (The Cathedral)
Northeast Shoulder (The Cathedral)
Kings-Emmons Ridge (Mount Emmons)
Dry Gulch Route (Mount Emmons)
Swift Creek Route (Mount Emmons)
Uinta River Route (Mount Emmons)
Paudwar Route (Poon Hill)
Beni Route (Poon Hill)
Naya Pul Route (Poon Hill)
South Fork (Cable Canyon)
North Fork (Cable Canyon)
Cheget Village Route (Cheget Peak (Maliy Donguzorun))
Elliot Ridge Route (Eagles Nest)
Elliot Ridge Route (Meridian Peak)
Cataract Lake Route (Meridian Peak)
Alternate Exit and Loop Trip/Dizzy Trail (Little Gem Canyon-Middle Fork)
Middle Fork Little Gem Canyon (Little Gem Canyon-Middle Fork)
North-East Ridge (Mount Watson)
Berthoud Pass (Vasquez Peak)
Volcán Barva (Volcán Poás/Volcán Barva)
Volcán Poaz (Volcán Poás/Volcán Barva)
Rincón de la Vieja Summit (Rincón de la Vieja)
Las Pailas (Rincón de la Vieja)
Cerro Terbi via Base Crestones (Cerro Terbi/Crestones)
Kepler Track (Mount Luxmore (Kepler Track))
NW Ridge from Pass Lake (Bald Mountain)
Alternate exit and loop hike/Dizzy Trail (Little Gem Canyon-West Fork)
Gem Canyon, West Fork (Little Gem Canyon-West Fork)
East Slopes (Cráter de La Olleta)
Buckwater Draw-South Fork (Buckwater Draw-South Fork)
Geyser Pass (Mount Mellenthin)
Gold Basin (Mount Mellenthin)
Gold Basin (Mount Tukuhnikivatz)
Tanners Gulch (Mt. Dromedary)
Tanners Gulch (Sunrise Peak)
Gold Basin Ridge (Mt. Peale)
Cedar Ridge (Mount Nebo)
Desert Voices Route (Split Mountain)
Yellow Pine Trail (Castle Peak)
Notch Lake Route (Notch Mountain)
The Notch (Notch Mountain)
Bald Mountain Trail (Bald Mountain)
Watson Pass/South Ridge (Mount Watson)
Crag Crest Loop Hike (Crag Crest)
Northwest Ridge (Lone Cone)
Pilimbala Route to Nevado Purace (Nevado Puracé/Pan de Azúcar)
Sasa River route (Mount Elgon)
Paratepui route (Monte Roraima)
Willow Creek (Mount Nebo)
Hounds Tooth Ridge (Broads Fork Twin Peaks)
Tanners Gulch (Broads Fork Twin Peaks)
Apollo Chute (Mount Olympus)
Blank Gulch (Tabeguache Peak)
Blank Gulch (Mount Shavano)
Iowa Gulch (Mount Sherman)
West Slopes (Mount Bierstadt)
Northeast Ridge (North Maroon Peak)
My Lists (9)
My Canyons (25)
Three Canyon (Robbers Roost Country)
Chamber of the Basilisk (Goblins Lair) (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Rough Canyon (Bangs Canyon)
Fiddler Cove Canyon (Robbers Roost Country)
Hatch Canyon (Robbers Roost Country)
Pine Creek Slot (Zion National Park)
Poncho Wash (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Bluejohn Canyon (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Echo Canyon (Zion National Park)
Mystery Canyon (Zion National Park)
Outlaw Canyon (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Scoggin Draw (Outlaw Arch Canyon) (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Bullet Canyon (Grand Gulch)
Goblin Valley (San Rafael Swell)
Professor Creek (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Iron Wash and Lone Man Draw (San Rafael Swell)
Clearwater Canyon (Canyonlands National Park)
Cable Canyon (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Little Gem Canyon-Middle Fork (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Enigma Canyon (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Little Gem Canyon-West Fork (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Buckwater Draw-South Fork (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Buckwater Draw (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
My Custom Objects (11)
My Albums (115)
Mount Rainier July 5-7 (Mount Rainier)
Mount Harvard Winter Photos (Mount Harvard)
Mount of the Holy Cross Winter Photos (Holy Cross, Mount of the)
December 24-26: Montaña del Celaque (Honduras) (Cerro Celaque - Las Minas - Honduras)
El Pital December 22 2008 (International Peaks)
Devils Causeway September 6 2008 (Devils Causeway (Peak))
Temple Mountain (San Rafael Swell)
Cowboy Canyon (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Sawtooth Range (Park Range)
Yellow Rock-one of the best summits in the world (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Round Valley Draw (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Antelope Canyon April 16 2008 (Antelope Canyon)
Hackberry and Sam Pollock Canyons April 17-19 2008 (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Stone Donkey Canyon (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Silver Grotto/Shinumo Wash (Grand Canyon National Park)
Adventures in Buckfarm Canyon/Eminence Break (Grand Canyon National Park)
Sounds of Silence/Desert Voices (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Fantasy Canyon (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Mount Yale March 7-8 (Mount Yale)
Henry Mountains (Mount Ellen (UT))
Grand Canyon: Christmas 2007 (Grand Canyon National Park)
Cerro Yanamauras (Volcanoes of Arequipa)
Colca to Andagua Trek (Volcanoes of Arequipa)
Colca Canyon: Cabaconde-Llauar-Sangalle (Cañon del Colca (Peru))
Eruption of Volcán Ubinas (Volcanoes of Arequipa)
Frary Peak: October 7 2007 (Frary Peak (Antelope Island))
Mount Belford Winter Photos (Mount Belford)
Quandary Peak Winter Photos (Colorado 14ers in Winter)
Mount Bierstadt Winter Photos (Mount Bierstadt)
Mount Democrat Winter Photos (Mount Democrat)
Mount Lincoln Winter Photos (Mount Lincoln)
Mount Massive Winter Photos (Mount Massive)
Buckwater Draws June 23 2007 (Buckwater Draw)
Kessler's Climbing Album-Age 0 to 2 (Hiking and Climbing with Children)
Kessler's Climbing Album-Age 3 (Hiking and Climbing with Children)
Fiddler Cove Canyon February 18 2007 (Fiddler Cove Canyon)
Jones Hole-June 2006 (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Cedar Mountain December 2005 (Cedar Mountain)
Shaylee's Climbing and Hiking Album (Hiking and Climbing with Children)
Bluejohn Canyon (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Carcass Canyon April 2006 (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Davis Canyon (Canyonlands National Park) (Canyonlands National Park)
Hance-Grandview Loop Thanksgiving Weekend 2006 (Grand Canyon National Park)
Peak 7071-My Favorite Peak in Colorado (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Balanced Rocks (Rock Albums Collected)
Dinosaur National Monument Labor Day Weekend 2006 (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Natural Arches and Bridges (Rock Albums Collected)
Grand Gulch May 26-28 2006 (Hiking and Climbing with Children)
Jones Hole Pictographs (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Un-named Dinosaur NM Peaks (Dinosaur National Monument and Vicinity)
Kessler's Climbing Album-Age 4 (Hiking and Climbing with Children)
Goblin Valley (Goblin Valley)
Thompson Canyon (La Sal Mountains)
Rock Wall Texture (Rock Albums Collected)
Rock Towers (Rock Albums Collected)
Slot Canyons (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Unusual Rock Formations (Rock Albums Collected)
Inspirational Fun (Humorous albums collected)
Family Album (Climbing/Hiking) (Hiking and Climbing with Children)
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