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One of those perfect moments in the mountains. Mount Stuart as seen from Axis Peak.


Male, 37 years old

Chehalis, Washington, United States

Power = 160 (Vote Weight = 89.67%)

Occupation: Chiropractor

A Few Words:
(formerly SouthRaker)

Loving life, and climbing as many mountains as I can! I'm out on the trails once or twice a week when the weather cooperates and I absolutely love class 3 peaks! When I can't be out in the mountains I live vicariously through other summitposters! :)

Mountain Haiku:

mighty mountains tall
stand guard as silent sentries
welcoming me home


Mount Constance
Gothic Peak
South Twin
Mount Stuart
Mount Hood
Eldorado Peak
Mount Rainier
Cloudy Peak
Hawk Peak
Summit Chief Peak
Inner Constance
Lost Peak
Mount Jupiter
Mount Deception
Forbidden Peak
Jefferson Peak
Chikamin Peak
Three Queens
Gunn Peak, Tail Gunner, Gunnshy
Mount Lincoln
Mount Anderson (east and west)
Chair Peak
Boston Peak
Sahale Mountain
Sloan Peak
Bonanza Peak
Cub, Kitling, Mesahchie, Katsuk
West McMillan Spire, Glee, The Roost
Iron Cap, Tourmaline, La Bohn, Hinman
Amongst others... man I have some work to do. :) If you're looking for a partner for any of these peaks, send me a PM.

Sunrise from West Granite Mountain - One of my favorite sunrise views of all time (2017) Sunrise from West Granite Mountain - One of my favorite sunrise views of all time (2017)

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My Mountains & Rocks (11)
Huckleberry Mountain (Snoqualmie) (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Harry's Ridge (Mount Margaret Backcountry)
Kimtah Peak (Washington Top 100)
April Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Warrior Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Valhalla Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Bretherton (Olympic Range (WA))
Tamanos Mountain (Mount Rainier National Park)
The Rakers (Sawtooth Range)
Mount Stone (Olympic Range (WA))
My Routes (4)
SE Route (Cashmere Mountain)
NE Ridge Route (Grand Mogul)
Big Gully (Castle Peak)
My Albums (1)
My Trip Reports (12)

My Gear Reviews (2)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (154)
Areas & Ranges (1)
Mountains & Rocks (150)
Black Peak (Washington Top 100)
Barrier Peak (Mount Rainier National Park)
Saddle Mountain (Oregon County Highpoints)
Bill's Peak (The Teanaway)
Iron Peak (The Teanaway)
Colchuck Peak (Enchantments)
Helen Buttes (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Saint Helens (Cascade Volcanoes)
Pratt Mountain (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
West Granite Mountain ("Tusk O'Granite") (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Hex Mountain (The Teanaway)
Peak B (Olympic Range (WA))
Tyler Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Harry's Ridge (Mount Margaret Backcountry)
Kendall Peak (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Old Snowy Mountain (Goat Rocks (WA))
Johnson Peak (Goat Rocks) (Goat Rocks (WA))
Hawkeye Point (Goat Rocks (WA))
Judi's Peak (The Teanaway)
Mary's Peak (The Teanaway)
Bean Peak (The Teanaway)
Earl Peak (The Teanaway)
Cashmere Mountain (Washington Top 100)
Kimtah Peak (Washington Top 100)
Tamanos Mountain (Mount Rainier National Park)
Mailbox Peak (The "Home Court" 100)
Big Snow Mountain (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
High Rock (WA) (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Skokomish (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Defiance (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Axis Peak (The "Back Court" 100)
Cub Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Dickerman Mountain (Mountain Loop Highway)
Mount Daniel (Washington County Highpoints)
Beirdneau Peak (Bear River Range)
Bandera Mountain (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Wright Mountain (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Dege Peak (Mount Rainier National Park)
Hurricane Hill (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Angeles (Olympic Range (WA))
Alta Mountain (The "Home Court" 100)
Del Campo Peak (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Goat Island Mountain (Mount Rainier National Park)
Silver Peak (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Goat Mountain (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Snoqualmie Mountain (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
The Castle (Tatoosh Range)
Foss Peak (Tatoosh Range)
Seven Fingered Jack (Washington Top 100)
Sperry Peak (Mountain Loop Highway)
Vesper Peak (Mountain Loop Highway)
Hibox Mountain (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Mount Pugh (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Granite Mountain (Snoqualmie) (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Coldwater Peak (Mount Margaret Backcountry)
Sturgeon Rock and "Sturgeon Fin" (Washington County Highpoints)
Ives Peak (Goat Rocks (WA))
April Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Kaleetan Peak (The "Home Court" 100)
North Twin (Twin Sisters Range)
Columbia Peak (Mountain Loop Highway)
Mount Thomson (The "Home Court" 100)
Red Mountain (Snoqualmie) (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Warrior Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
The Brothers (Olympic Range (WA))
The Rakers (Sawtooth Range)
Gray Wolf Ridge (WA) (Olympic Range (WA))
Baldy (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Bretherton (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Stone (Olympic Range (WA))
Grand Mogul (Sawtooth Range)
Mount Walker (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Washington (Olympic Range (WA))
Valhalla Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Little Si (Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area (NRCA))
Mount Aix (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Shriner Peak (WA) (Washington Lookouts)
Plummer Peak (Tatoosh Range)
Pinnacle Peak (Tatoosh Range)
Plummer Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Nahneke Mountain (Sawtooth Range)
Table Mountain (Columbia River Gorge)
Mount Margaret (Mount Margaret Backcountry)
Baring Mountain (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Si (Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area (NRCA))
Chutla Peak (Tatoosh Range)
Eagle Peak (Tatoosh Range)
Tolmie Peak (Washington Lookouts)
Mount Lena (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Rose (Olympic Range (WA))
Dragontail Peak (Enchantments)
Mount Townsend (Olympic Range (WA))
Angel's Rest (Columbia River Gorge)
Munra Point (Columbia River Gorge)
Trinity Mountain (Boise Mountains)
Lonesome Peak (White Clouds)
He Devil / She Devil (Seven Devils Mountains)
Dollar Ridge (Wallowa Mountains)
Petes Point (Wallowa Mountains)
Aneroid Mountain (Wallowa Mountains)
Gilbert Peak (Goat Rocks (WA))
Buckhorn Mountain (Olympic Range (WA))
Dog Mountain (Columbia River Gorge)
Greenleaf Peak (Columbia River Gorge)
Table Rock (Boise Mountains)
Mount Whittier (Mount Margaret Backcountry)
Pyramid Peak (Mount Rainier National Park)
Lemei Rock (Indian Heaven Wilderness)
Castle Peak (White Clouds)
Mount Adams (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Defiance (Columbia River Gorge)
South Sister (Cascade Volcanoes)
Broken Top (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mt. Ellinor (Olympic Range (WA))
Sacajawea Peak (Oregon County Highpoints)
Matterhorn (Oregon) (Wallowa Mountains)
Table Mountain (Teton Range)
Borah Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
Williams Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Chinidere Mt. (Columbia Gorge Peaks)
Hamilton Mountain (Columbia River Gorge)
Nesmith Point (Columbia River Gorge)
Larch Mountain (Columbia River Gorge)
McGown Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Alpine Peak (Sawtooth Range)
WCP-9 (White Clouds)
Ryan Peak (Idaho Eleveners)
Grandjean Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Kings Mountain (Oregon Coast Range)
Thompson Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Patterson Peak (White Clouds)
Cobb Peak (Idaho Eleveners)
Routes (3)
Ruckel Ridge (Benson Plateau)
NE Ridge Route (Grand Mogul)
Standard South Route (Mount Washington)

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