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Velká Fatra

Velká Fatra

Velká Fatra

Page Type: Area/Range

Location: Slovakia, Europe

Lat/Lon: 49.00184°N / 19.09973°E

Object Title: Velká Fatra

Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Skiing

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Elevation: 5223 ft / 1592 m


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Ok, here is my first contribution - I´ve added short information about this range. Gorzi


Veľká Fatra is a large mountain group belonging to the Outher Western Carpathians. Velká Fatra is 40 km long and 20 km wide. Nearly 90% of the area is covered by forests. The main ridge is Y shaped in the map. South part of main ridge has include highest mountains in Veľká Fatra (list below). On Ploská (1532 m) summit the main ridge splits into two long branches: eastern – Liptovský and western – Turčianský. Between them, there is Ľubochnianská dolina Valley (27 km long). Turčiansky hrebeň is lower, and covered by woods. The highest point in this part is Kľak (1394 m). Grassy Liptovský hrebeň ridge is higher. Highest points here are Rakytov (1567 m), Smrekovica (1530 m), Čierny kameň (1479 m)

Panorama from Chleb
On the left Veľká Fatra from Chleb

The highest mountains of Veľká Fatra:

  • Ostredok (1592 m)

  • Frčkov (1585 m)

  • Krížna (1574 m)

  • Rakytov (1567 m)

  • Suchý vrch (1550 m)

  • Ploská (1532 m)

  • Borišov (1510 m)

The central part and the main ridge are built from non-resistant rocks (slates)and southern and south-western part from resistant limestone and dolomites.
Map of Liptov

Overview map from the national park administration:
Map of National park Veľká Fatra

Division and location of Veľká Fatra

Veľká Fatra is delimited from the west by Turčianská kotlina Basin, from the north by Oravská vrchovina Highlands, from the north-east by Chočské vrchy and Liptovská kotlina Basin, from the east by Nízke Tatry and from the south by Kremnické and Starohorské vrchy.

Veľká Fatra is divided into seven smaller areas:

  1. Hôľna Fatra – with the mountains Krížna (1574 m), Ploská (1532 m), Ostredok (1592 m), the highest part of Veľká Fatra

  2. Bralná Fatra – Tlstá (1373 m), Ostrá (1247 m)

  3. Zvolen – 1402 m, massif above ski resort Donovaly connecting Veľká Fatra with Nízke Tatry

  4. Lysec – 1381 m; in the western part of Veľká Fatra

  5. Šiprúň – 1461 m and 1441 m; two-headed massif in the place where Turčianský hrebeň joins the ridge of Tlstá hora

  6. Šípska Fatra – once part of Chočské vrchy; located between Malá Fatra and Veľká Fatra; Šípska Fatra is divided by Váh River into two parts – southern (Kopa – 1187 m) and northern (Šíp – 1143 m).

  7. Revúcke podolie – between Veľká Fatra and Nízke Tatry, named after river Revúca

National Park Veľká Fatra

Veľká Fatra was declared 28.12.1973 Protected Landscape Area (61 476 ha) and 6.3.2002 it was promoted to the National Park Veľká Fatra (NAPAVF, 40 371 ha).

Snilovské saddle
Veľká Fatra from Malá Fatra

National Nature Reserves:

  • National Nature Reserve Borišov (1981), 430 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Čierny kameň (1964), 34

  • National Nature Reserve Harmanecká tisina (1949), 20 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Jánošíkova kolkáreň (1964), 243 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Kornietová (1973), 84 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Kundračka (1973), 115 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Lysec (1984), 70 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Madačov (1984), 331 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Padva (1972), 325 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Rakšianske rašelinisko (1984), 6 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Rumbáre (1973), 52 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Skalná Alpa (1964), 525 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Suchý vrch (1988), 71 ha

  • National Nature Reserve Tlstá (1981), 3 066 ha – the largest reserve in Veľká Fatra and one of the largest in Slovakia

  • National Nature Reserve Veľká Skalná (1988), 645 ha

Nature Reserves:

  • Nature Reserve Biela Skala (1993), 185 ha

  • Nature Reserve Katova skala (1982), 47 ha

  • Nature Reserve Korbeľka (1973), 86 ha

  • Nature Reserve Rojkovské rašelinisko (1950), 3 ha

National Nature Monuments:

  • National Nature Monument Perlová jaskyňa (2001), 450 m long cave

Nature Monuments:
  • Nature Monument Dogerské skaly (1952), 0,2 ha

  • Nature Monument Hradené jazero Blatné (1990), 4 ha

  • Nature Monument Jazierske travertíny (1952), 2 ha

  • Nature Monument Krkavá skala (1952), 0,3 ha

  • Nature Monument Majerova skala (1992), 9 ha

  • Nature Monument Matejkovský kamenný prúd (1986), 9 ha

  • Nature Monument Prielom Teplého potoka (1984), 21 ha

  • Nature Monument Rojkovská travertínová kopa (1971), 0,1 ha

  • Nature Monument Travertínové terasy Bukovinka (1980), 2 ha

  • Nature Monument Vlčia skala (1952), 1 ha

  • Protected Areas:

    • Protected Area Dekretov porast (1999), 6 ha

    • Protected Area Háj pred dolinou Teplô (1975), 0,2 ha

    • Protected Area Krásno (1997), 125 ha

    • Protected Area Mošovské aleje (1969)

    • Protected Area Revúca (2002), 39 ha


    Chata pod Borišovom (1300 m), below the summit of Borišov (1567 m); no electricity; 190-320 Sk per night.
    Contact:+421 (905) 729959 (only SMS)

    Horský hotel Kráľova studňa (1277 m); 250-300 Sk per night; tel: 048/4125984

    Horský hotel Smrekovica (1339 m); in the Močidlo Saddle; 450-700 Sk per night;
    tel.: +421-44-4396382
    fax: +421-44-4396382
    mobil: 0908 837 206
    e-mail: info@smrekovicacompany.sk


    Contact (NP administration):

    Správa NP Veľká Fatra
    Čachovský rad č. 7
    038 61 Vrútky
    tel./fax: 043 428 45 03 / 043 428 45 89

    Actual avalanche danger in slovak ranges (only in winter season - october till april - also link here):

    A not too detailed, but useful map of Slovakia (under 'list of maps' you can search for National parks, mountains, reserves and zoom in):

    Ski resorts:

    Ski resort SkiPark Ružomberok:

    Ski resort Jasenská dolina:

    Ski resort of Turecká - Krížna:

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    visentinwrong map


    Voted 10/10

    The map which is presented on this page is wrong, since it shows only the Liptov valley and only the very north part of Velká Fatra.

    Two very accurate maps of the highest peaks of Velká Fatra can be found here :



    I plan to put soon online more information on this area on my website:


    (Velká Fatra links are not active yet but they will)


    Posted Jan 18, 2008 2:59 am
    Tomas KristoforyRe: wrong map

    Tomas Kristofory

    Voted 10/10

    Hi Visentin. Thanks for your comment. We know the map on this site is only for giving sense of location of Velka Fatra range. Yes, you're right that it doesn't cover the whole area of Velka Fatra. Ostredok and Krizna are just at the left edge of our map, but Velka Fatra continues further to the left (west). I checked maps you advice. But they are not legal to share. They are official maps of VKU and you may buy them, but not share on the internet. If you have other maps that will improve our page, write back, and such advice will be followed! Best wishes for your page. You may share some photos that you have taken also at the SP, you will be welcomed! Cheers Tomas :)
    Posted Jan 18, 2008 5:34 am
    Tomas KristoforyRe: wrong map

    Tomas Kristofory

    Voted 10/10

    I added a better map than it was here before - from a NP administration. Cheers Tomas :)
    Posted Mar 18, 2008 11:32 am
    dmikiHorský hotel Krá¾ova studòa contacts


    Hasn't voted



    The hut is being refurbished until June 2008, but you can sleep there, heating and hot water are OK. There is also some food.
    Posted Feb 28, 2008 2:08 pm
    Tomas KristoforyRe: Horský hotel Krá¾ova studòa contacts

    Tomas Kristofory

    Voted 10/10

    OK, thanks for additions - I incorporated it into the text. Is there really possibility of spending a night there? I was there in july 2007 and hotel didn't seem to function.
    Posted Mar 18, 2008 5:15 am
    dmikiRe: Horský hotel Krá¾ova studòa contacts


    Hasn't voted

    I'm not sure, we had to turn back earlier due to high winds in the end.
    Posted Mar 18, 2008 5:42 am
    Tomas KristoforyRe: Horský hotel Krá¾ova studòa contacts

    Tomas Kristofory

    Voted 10/10

    OK, then let's let the information how it is now.
    Posted Mar 18, 2008 6:27 am
    dmikiAvalanche info


    Hasn't voted

    Image containing up-to-date avalanche danger information for Tatras and Fatras


    With a link possibly pointing to preferably


    E.g. Avalanche danger

    (Idea from http://www.hory.sk/)
    Posted Mar 2, 2008 6:23 am
    Tomas KristoforyRe: Avalanche info

    Tomas Kristofory

    Voted 10/10

    Thank you for perfect idea. It has been implemented into the page.
    Posted Mar 18, 2008 5:16 am


    Hasn't voted

    Jasenská dolina


    Turecká - Krížna


    A not too detailed, but useful map of Slovakia (under 'list of maps' you can search for National parks, mountains, reserves and zoom in)

    Posted Mar 2, 2008 6:46 am
    Tomas KristoforyRe: Maps

    Tomas Kristofory

    Voted 10/10

    I added links to those ski resorts and to the resort of SkiPark Ruzomberok - on Malinné mountain (1209 m) on the north end of the Liptovská branch of main Velka Fatra ridge. I added also a link to that map. Thanks for hints. I will add one more map from NP administration. Cheers Tomas :)
    Posted Mar 18, 2008 6:26 am

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