2nd attempt to Cabeza de Sapo

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Garcia/N.L., Mexico, North America
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Jan 28, 2007
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2nd attempt to Cabeza de Sapo
Created On: Apr 28, 2007
Last Edited On: Apr 28, 2007

My first attempt

I always wanted to hike this mountain, and finally found someone who could guide us there. I wanted to avoid failing on my first attempt because is hard to get to this summit due it´s long trail and I didn´t want get lost.
Well finally my friend Enrique Oria accept to guide us on November 26, 2006.
That prior week before to that sunday I just felt a little sick with some infection on my sore, I didn´t want to lose this chance so I started to take some medicine so I could be ready on that sunday.
On saturday night a friend of mine who was coming with us cancelled so it was just Enrique and me.....I woke up by 4:30am...it was a little cold but not that bad...I was "ready"...
We started to drive to Garcia NL...and we arrived around 6am.....we started to hike to the first check point called "El puerto"....this part of the trail was hard for me...it was cold wind running on the valley and I started to feel that sore throat again....feeling a little sea sick......
I did´t tell Enrique because I really wanted to get to the summit...when we arrived to "El puerto" after 1 hr and a half....I told my friend...I don´t feel very good....
What do you think ? I asked him...Do you think I can make it?
I was embarrased, he reply....let´s continue a little bit more...so you can realize if you can make it...
we continued for some 30 more mins...but now I feel cold....althought some sunshine was appearing on the scene...Is sttoped and talked again with my friend.....I have decided....I have to come back before I feel worst..
I asked him if he wanted to keep on going......he decided to keep going...so I started my way back home.....
after 2 more hours I came back to my car and drove home....It was best decision for me...the week after was terrible for me....but It was only in my mind to come back again...for revange...

My second attempt

We set plans again for that summit....now it was 4 people on the team:
Miguel Guerra, Horacio Elizondo, me and Enrique Oria.....yes again he was with us to do my 2nd attempt and first for the rest of the team. On sunday January 28, 2007 we started to hike that mountain....it was incredible day, a little fresh but not too cold.We started at 6am day was very clear...at the beginning we walked for about 2 hrs to "El puerto", our frien Horacio was having problems with his knee so...he decided to stay there while we kept walking...The weather started to change..while we were on the edge of the mountain those clouds started to get together on the valley, but on the top was sunny but not to hot....weather was really good...It was my day.
After 6 hrs walking and several scrambling walls...we reached summit...I was very happy about that, I really appreciate Horacio´s guide.
This mountain is too demanding even on winter it´s hard to do it, this mountain has perfect views from the summit it really worth trying.
Now it was a matter of time to get back to "El puerto", after having lunch and taking some pictures we started to walk back...there was our friend Horacio waiting for us covered for cold weather very different of what we had on the summit...the valley was covered for dense clouds...and the wind was really cold....Now I can say I was on El sapo summit.


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2nd attempt to Cabeza de Sapo

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