300 million-year-old Sombrero?

During the Laramide Orogeny, while the ancestral Rocky
Mountains were being uplifted, there was a rock formation
taking a siesta (short nap) and wearing a sombrero ???

Is that WHAT you're tellin' me ?

Nope. This view is of Mexican Hat - a prominant weathered
rock formation (in the "Four Corners" region of southern UT)
for which the nearby town Mexican Hat gets its name.

Mexican Hat Rock is the remnant of a sandstone layer of the
Halgaito Formation, formed from sediments deposited on a coastal
plain next to a shallow seaway during early Permian time.

The ridge line in the distance is the crest of Raplee
, a long narrow folded upwarp that formed
during the Laramide Orogeny.

(Source - USDI - USGS - 2005)

April 26, 2009


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