7 Bristlecone Pine Snag Sunrise

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This is a sunrise image of an interesting set of 7 bristlecone pine snags in the White Mountains of California. It is within the Inyo National Forest, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest reserve. I exposed this 4x5 Provia 100F transparency on July 3, 2006 through my 150mm Nikkor lens. On a ten scale, air clarity this day at around 11,000 feet was about an eight, so the sunrise alpenglow was moderate and not exceptional. My exposure was about 1/3 overexposed so could not use my slide to match color saturation exactly when processing the crude flatbed scan and instead relied on vague memory. I also cropped off the bottom of the frame where another closer snag cast a long shadow. The geology here is ancient Cambrian age, dolomite, a white metamorphosized limestone rock that bristlecone pines, pinus longaeva, prefer to grow on at these high elevations.

I have a feature article on my website for a backpack that day at this link:

The image will be available as Lightjet fine art print via Gallery B on my below homepage.

David Senesac


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