A beautiful ramp on Uruashraju

This ramp is too small for the the 1:100000 map of the Southern Cordillera Blanca, which covers Uruashraju. The succinct route description that we had didn't mention anything about it.

Earlier, when we had our first good view of the mountain, from the west ridge of Uruashraju Norte, we could see how the NW face was a big labyrinth of seracs, and we should look for a way to the right of the face somewhere. You can see the ramp on the far right:

Standing at the bottom of the ramp, it doesn't look as steep as it did earlier, and we were happy to go up. It got a bit steeper after we got above the rocks, but we felt no need to put in a belay just yet. I estimate it was about 50°.

19 July 2011.


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