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The name

The name abishoor which is also used as Abdishow means "water goes there". The nice name is given to the cave because of the water that goes into it from the bottom of the valley the cave is located in.

Getting there

Abishoor 2

The cave is located deep in the forests of Masal and Shanderman which can be reached by Masouleh or Masal road.After getting to Masal a 1.5 hour driving in a normal dirt road takes you to the cave. To get to the cave you just need to walk down the slope for about 150 meters from the road. The cave arch is located under a big wall and the arch height seems to be about 30 meters which continues to the main part entrance (about 12 meters high).

Cave structure

Abishoor 5
Abishoor 3

Abishoor structure is like Daniyal with some tiny differences. This river cave is almost half long as Daniyal(Abishoor is about 1200 meters long), there are more waterfalls and tunnels in it and the ammount of water is less. There is just one place that you have to crawl and in the rest of the cave there is always a few meters of space above the head!! It's not like Daniyal that you have to be careful about your head every 2 seconds not to hit somewhere!

Inside The Cave

Abishoor 6
Abishoor 7
The first tunnel is located 300 meters far from the entrance. It is 4 meters and can be passed without rope but all the rest waterfalls and tunnels need rope and belaying techniques for passing them. the biggest is 12 meters and in all of them there will be water pouring on you during ascend and descend, so enjoy getting wet.

The End!

Abishoor 8
Abishoor 4

The cave ends with a circular hall about 50 square meters and you will be 170 meters under ground while there. There are not detours in Abishoor but still it's wiser to go inside with a guide. A normal team with technical abilities will get to the end and come out of the cave in about 4 hours or a bit more.

Thanks to...

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Parviz and Uness, Thanks for the data and the photos.