Above Ravenska Kocna valley

Above Ravenska Kocna valley

This is the situation above Ravenska Kočna valley, as seen from the N-NE ridge of Kočna (the tower above Vratca notch).

On the right are the northern walls of Kamnik and Savinja Alps. Grintovec is on the very right, next to it is Dolgi Hrbet with its high N wall, left behind it Skuta summit is peeking out. Then the two summits of Rinke come. From Koroška Rinka (Križ) towards the left a strong N ridge deters. The first high summit in it is Velika Jezerska Baba, left of it (the last high summit) is Mala Baba.

In the middle two terraces are seen. On Ravni (closest to us) Češka koč (hut) stands. It is clearly seen. On Ledine, the other terrace, the trail indicates the other big hut - Kranjska koča.

From Češka koča the trails are going right up - towards Grintovec and Kočna (summit, not seen). Two trails deter also to Vratca, where I am standing. The trails reaching Češka koča are not so nicely seen. More in the distance, the two trails reaching Kranjska koča and Ledine terrace are seen.

More details are seen on the original. September 4th, 2020.

Vid Pogachnik
on Sep 5, 2020 1:22 am
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