Absaroka Panorama

Looking west from the summit of Crater Benchmark near Cody, Wyoming, this 180-degree panorama shows the eastern ends of all three sections (SE, SW, and N) of the Absaroka Range. Francs Peak, the highest mountain in the entire range at 13,153 feet, is visible in the distance at the extreme left of the photo. The prominent peak just right of this is the eastern end of Carter Mountain; Wapiti Ridge (highest in the SW part of the range) and Trout Peak (highest in the N part of the range) are the other two prominent peaks in the picture moving from left to right. Buffalo Bill Reservoir can be seen to the left of Cedar and Rattlesnake Mountains, and Heart Mountain is at the extreme right end of the picture.

This is my first attempt at a panorama; I've learned a lot and will hopefully do better on my next try!


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