Acorn Trail

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 34.34276°N / 117.64089°W
Route Type: Hiking
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Time Required: Half a day


This is a longer but very scenic way to climb Wright Mountain.  Well, the hike is longer, but the drive is shorter, which makes it an attractive option.  The Acorn Trail rises steeply from Acorn Drive in the town of Wrightwood to the PCT near Wright Mountain.  Many PCT hikers utilize this trail to resupply in Wrightwood.  I recommend hiking it in the fall to see the black oaks turn their autumn hues.  

Getting There

From Hwy 2 in Wrightwood turn south on Spruce Street, then right on Apple, and left on Acorn.  Go up Acorn and park near the end just before the private property sign.  There is room for two cars here in a turn-out on the right side of the road.  Signs warn against trespassing, but respectful hikers staying on the road are okay.  Do not go into the camp, stay right on Acorn Drive hiking to the end.  The road is paved and steep and after about 3/4 mile you'll see a sign that says hikers.  Hike up a dirt road past a water tank then you'll see a small sign that says Acorn Trail.  That was your warm up and once you're on the Acorn Trail the hiking is quite pleasant.  

Acorn Trail Map
Acorn Trail Map

Route Description

The Acorn Trail (7W01) climbs about 1,600 feet in 2.1 miles.  This is a steady-climbing steep and narrow mountain trail.  There are a few switchbacks and because it's on a north-facing slope there is blessed shade along the route.  There are good views of the town of Wrightwood and of the high desert beyond.  There are a few unmarked side trails and an old road that you will intersect, but stay on the main trail to the PCT.  Once you're on the PCT hike east and just after a good viewpoint of the steep north escarpment of Wright Mountain you will start to go up, and it's about 3/4 mile and 400' feet more elevation gain to the top.  Then if you want to go further onto Pine, Dawson, and Baldy Mountains that is an option as well.  

Essential Gear

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