Agujas de la S (2335m), St-Exupery (2558m) & Raphael (2482m)

From left to right : Aguja de la S (2335m), Aguja St Exupery (2558m) and Aguja Raphael (2335m). At the bottom, there is the Glaciar Rio Blanco. Argentinian side of Patagonia.

1. East Face of Aguja St Exupery :
Pink = South Pillar (800m ED) by H. Bärnthaler & E. Lidi (Austria) in 1987
Orange = Le Petit Prince (700m ED) by J. Arpin, P. Batoux, G. Bouquet des Chaux, E. Pellissier & B. Robert (Fra) in 1995
Blue = Normal route / East Pillar (800m - TD+) by S. Metzeltin, G. Buscaini, L. Condot, W. Romano & S. Sinigoi (Ita) in 1968

2. East Face of Aguja Raphael :
Green = Normal route / South Ridge (450m TD+) by M. Boysen, P. Braithwaite, L. Dickinson, D. Reid & R. Silvester (UK / USA) in 1974
Red = North Pillar (450m ED-) by D. Anker & M. Piola (Swi) in 1989

>> larger view of the whole range from the Trail to Campamento Rio Blanco


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