Allium (Wild Onions)

Allium (Wild Onions)

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Allium spp.: Lilies or garlics?

Naples Garlic (Meshulash) on Gilboa MountainAllium neapolitanum in Israel
Geyer s Onion (Allium geyeri)Allium geyeri in the Northern Rockies

The genus Allium, with its countless hundreds of species found all across the globe from North America to South Africa, includes world-famous edibles such as garlic, onion, chives, and leeks, and popular ornamentals, but also countless wild plants.

These bulbous plants have been historically grouped together with lilies, but more recently Allium and related genera were moved into a distinct plant family, Alliaceae.

On Summitpost, the Alliums were also lumped together with true lilies into a beautiful but overcrowded Wild Lilies album. This album is an attempt to give the wild onions their own home on SP, where they are not chased away from the front page by their flashier lily cousins.


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