Almost autumnal V'lan

Almost autumnal V'lan

Mont Velan or Mont V'lan, even semply V'lan (3734m) behind into the clouds with in foreground La Salliousa (3322m), under the Quota 3672 meters in high and in center.

In bottom to the left or West: the very long watershed from the Crou de Bleintse or in a document of 1337 even Crou (hole) de Blenchy (2824m), Col Champillon (2708m) before the double Mont Chenaille (Southwest Summit about 3141 meters, Northeast Top 3144m), Tête des Crêtes (3258m), La Salliaousa (3322m), Têtes de Faudery (3310m, 3299m, 3264m), Punte di Faceballa (all about 3310m, 3310m, 3315m, 3330m) up to the Mont Velan or V'lan between Conca di By (right or East) e Val Menouve-Molline.

From the left, or Eastern margin, to the right or S-SE: the summit crest from Quota 3678 meters (over the very minuscule Aiguille de Dégeuner 3341 meters on Western Ridge from Hannibal's Pass 2992 meters), summit Rocks 3708 metres above the icy Southwest Face up to the Ice Cap of the Top of Mont Velan (3734m) (between the Quotas 3672 & about 3650 meters in picture).

To the right or E-NE: the Italian/Swiss watershed from the Quota about 3650 meters of Mont Velan downhill up the Western Minihorn) (3623m~), Mini Brokenhorn (bifid top, 3612m), V'lan's Horns (3620 meters the Western, Eastern Brèche 3610/2 metres about, 3610/15 meters the Mini Central, 3618 meters the Eastern), Velan's Jags (from 3570 to 3595 metres) with just detached to the East the Little Velan's Tooth (about 3530/35 metres), Tête d'Ariondet also Tête de Riondet (3485m), Mont Capucin (3395m) and in the extreme margin right the Doigt du Velan (Velan's Finger; 3314m)

October 06th, 2019. Foto by Osvaldo Cardellina
on Oct 25, 2019 12:18 am
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