Alois Smrz on the

Alois Smrz on the "4th" class ramp of Wolf's Head East Ridge, Wind River Mts. August 2005 photo: Penelope May.


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mountaingazelle - Oct 21, 2005 7:36 pm - Voted 10/10

Awesome route

Nice photos of the East Ridge. I want to climb it someday.


asmrz - Oct 22, 2005 12:28 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Awesome route

The East Ridge is one of the "MUST DO" routes just about anywhere. Quality rock, very good line, awesome position. I loved the Cirque and will return.

Foxy Long Bottoms

Foxy Long Bottoms - Oct 27, 2006 7:42 pm - Hasn't voted


Thanks for posting this. Adding it to my "to do" list now as well.


asmrz - Oct 28, 2006 5:31 pm - Hasn't voted

Re Thanks

If the "Cirque" wasn't over 1000 miles away, I would go every summer. It's that kind of place. One would be hard pressed to get tired of these mountains. A must see place!


AJones - Dec 2, 2007 12:45 am - Voted 10/10

Good memories

Brings back memories - did this in 2006. It's hard to look graceful while climbing this section (butt up in the air, etc.). Cheers!


asmrz - Dec 3, 2007 11:44 am - Hasn't voted

Good memories

Your recent posts about Alberta Ice Climbs brought back a lot of memories from my 6 trips there in the 80s. I appreciate your effort to bring these climbs to SP and for me just remembering those beautiful places made my day. Cheers, Alois.


tanya - Jan 8, 2008 12:14 pm - Voted 10/10


looking climb. Good photo!


saddlestradler - Dec 11, 2008 5:00 pm - Hasn't voted

yes right there...

that's just about where I would have stopped too! You folks are amazing...


asmrz - Dec 11, 2008 8:11 pm - Hasn't voted

RE yes right there

Glad you liked the photo. It's an amazing climb and what a place the Winds are !


eikehugo - Feb 13, 2010 6:40 pm - Voted 10/10


great picture!! eike


asmrz - Feb 13, 2010 7:06 pm - Hasn't voted

Re great

Hi Eike! Your profile note says you (among other places) like the Sierra. I love it too, but the Winds, man what a place. If you can, go see Wyoming and its mountains. They are magnificent. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a good picture taken on some of the best ridge climbing anywhere. Thanks for checking it out. Alois.


mvs - Apr 8, 2014 10:20 am - Hasn't voted

okay, maybe this one...

is an example of the incorrect usage of the term "4th class". :D

Looks beautiful, I'll bet it was an awesome day.


asmrz - Apr 8, 2014 12:14 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: okay, maybe this one...

How funny...Yeh, that one is rated 4th class for rock climbers. You know how 4th class can be different things to different people?

Seriously, the flat section is 4th class, but as soon as it steepens up, it gets a bit harder.

Wind River Mountains are really must see,there is no better backcountry climbing in the US.

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