Alone in Tubos de Cabezas de Hierro

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Alone in Tubos de Cabezas de Hierro
Created On: Jul 8, 2008
Last Edited On: Aug 11, 2008


15 April 2008. I drove from Madrid to the barrier (1840 m) near Refugio del Pingarrón and Puerto de Cotos, Sierra de Guadarrama. Parked my car there and started hiking at 1:10 PM. It was late and I had to be back in Las Rozas at 8:00 PM. I traversed the first meadows, went into the pinewood and reached Arroyo de las Guarramillas. The creek was full of water, the Spring had begun. I crossed the wooden bridge and started ascending in El Pinar. Left the trail (PR-M 27) that I'd followed to the right and descended steeply to Arroyo de las Cerradillas (1755 m - 2:00 PM), crossed the bridge and took a path to the left heading to Arroyo de las Cerradillas E branch. Started the long ascent along the creek and went out of the pinewood. I reached Navas de Cabezas de Hierro and continued ascending, this time on the other shore (right).

At 3:15 PM I stopped below Cabeza de Hierro Mayor N face icefalls for having lunch. It took me 25 minutes and then I started the ascent of Tubo Derecho de Cabeza de Hierro Mayor. The snow was hard so I had to put my crampons on during the stop. That Tubo (gully) is approximately 200 m high before disappearing in the vast and snowed rocky N face. I reached the summit of Cabeza de Hierro Mayor (2381 m) at 4:50 PM, rested, drank and ate something and started the descent on the same route at 5:00 PM. It was so quick on the NW face first and then on the left shore of Arroyo de las Guarramillas, wich I crossed at approximately 1935 m at 5:45 PM. Descended along it and into the pinewood, crossed Arroyo de las Cerradillas (6:15 PM). Ascended and descended in El Pinar, crossed Arroyo de las Guarramillas and reached my car at 7:00 PM.

It had been a fast and very beautiful ascent in an excellent day, sunny and not cold. I could enjoy the loneliness in a lovely scenery full of spring waters, snow, pinewoods and meadows in the low lands, and the first blooming flowers of the season.

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Alone in Tubos de Cabezas de Hierro

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