Alpine REFUGES in the Aosta Valley (La Thuile Valley)

Alpine REFUGES in the Aosta Valley (La Thuile Valley)

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- Alpine REFUGES in the Aosta Valley (La Thuile Valley) -

    A L P I N I S M

  • F= Easy
  • PD= Slightly difficult
  • AD= Rather difficult
  • D= Difficult

    H I K I N G

  • T= Tourist – Itineraries on footpaths, mule tracks or wide paths. Don't present orienteering problems.
  • E= Excursion route without technical difficulty – Itineraries on footpaths or trails on different ground types (grassy meadows, rocky ground). Orienteering capacity and good training to walk some hours are required.
  • EE= Trekking routes for expert hikers – Sign-posted itineraries with some difficulties: slippery, grassy or rocky ground, rocky or snowy slope or easy climbing passage (use of hands necessary). Only for experienced mountain hikers with at secure step, a good feeling for balance. Physical training for 1-day walk required.
  • EEA= Trekking routes for expert hikers with equipment – Equipped tracks or "vie ferrate". Technical equipment required.


Denomination: Refuge ALBERT DEFFEYES (Lago inferiore del Rutor)

Altitude: 2.494m
Route: From Aosta (583m) – Morgex (923m) - Pré Saint Didier (1.018m) – La Thuile (1.447m) – La Joux (1.605m) - Refuge (2.494m)
Time: 2h'45 - 3h'00 from La Joux (1.605m)
Difficulty: E
Opening period: half June - half September
Owner: C.A.I. Aosta
Keeper: Pestarino Sergio, Via Treviglio, 23/A – 26013 Crema tel. 0373 202760 – 349 4905603
Refuge phone: 0165 884239
Places: 72
Local winter: places 20 always opens
Climbs and excursions: Mont Monchette (3.035m), Testa del Rutor (3.486), Château Blanc (3.408m), Becca du Lac (3.396m), Doravidi (3.442m), Punta Chenal (3.207), Becca Bianca (3.261m), Becca Nera (3.263m), Monte Paramont (3.301m), Colle di Planaval (3.016m), Colle di Loydon ovest (2.956m), Laghi Verde e Superiore (2.605m)
Internet: Rifugio ALBERTO DEFFEYES
Email: -


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