Amagat Peak

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Amagat Peak
Created On: Aug 14, 2011
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Amagat Peak is the highest point on Amagat Island, a small, uninhabited island near the mouth of Morzhovoi Bay, on the south side of the Alaskan Peninsula. It is about 20 miles east of False Pass, 25 miles west of King Cove, and 10 miles south of Frosty Volcano.

The island is .8 miles long and .4 miles wide, about 200 acres in area. Amagat Peak is the southeast peak on the island. At 1065 feet it is significantly higher than the 660-foot northwestern peak.

Amagat Island has an itinerant population of more than 450,000 seabirds, including large numbers of tufted puffins, horned puffins, and glaucous-winged gulls, along with various petrels, murres, mullelets, auklets, and terns.
Amagat Island, Alaska

Getting There

Amagat Island is accessible by private or charter boat. It is about 26 miles from King Cove or 24 miles from False Pass, by boat.

Landing on Amagat Island can be made on the west shore, anchoring south of the small islets off the northwest point of the island at about 54°53.95'N 162°53.80'W.

Route to Summit: Begin at the northwest point of the island and ascend the ridge to the 660-foot subpeak, almost directly to the east. From there, continue southeast along the ridge to the 1065 foot summit of Amagat Peak.

Route to Amagat Peak

Red Tape

No Known Red Tape


No fresh water is available on Amagat Island except from seasonal snow.

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Amagat Peak

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