Angel And The Badman?

The famous red rocks of Sedona (Arizona) are formed by a layer of rock
known as the Schnebly Hill Formation. The Schnebly Hill Formation is a thick
layer of red to orange-colored sandstone found ONLY in the Sedona vicinity.

"Well ... if I'm gonna be holy, I'd better get some fun outta it" is one of
the classic lines that John Wayne, as the wild young gunfighter Quirt Evans,
spits out at Gail Russell who plays a beautiful young Quaker woman named
Prudence Worth. The Red Rocks Country provided the scenery for the 1946
black-and-white classic Western, "Angel And The Badman," directed by John Blake Edwards.

An intricate chase scene in the Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin comedy
Midnight Run was filmed on the trails surrounding Sedona.

This is the view looking north at Courthouse Butte, from the famed Bell Rock Loop Trail.

August 19, 2008


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