Angerer Icegarden

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South Tirol, Italy, Europe
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Angerer Icegarden
Created On: Feb 3, 2008
Last Edited On: Jan 21, 2009


The Angerer Icegarden is a wall that offers many different ice and mixed routes, located near the village Rein in Taufers in the Ahrntal, South Tirol, Italy.
This wall is very frequented during the whole winter time by ice classes, especially on the weekends you will find more about 50 people, climbing there.

We spent one day ther, climbing before climbing the more lengths routes in the waterfalls around.

The special of this wall is the near to the Angerer Hut, a very good place to stay and have good meals, coffe and other drinks, The Angerer Hut offers also appartments for vacation.

The owner of the Angerer Hut has installed a top rope redirection with a thick steel cable, wich is controlled more times a year, so you are able to climb toprope the 30 meter high wall.

Accept that the owner does not give any guarantee, and climbing there is only at your own risk.

The owner is also a very good source of information about the routes around Rein and the weather and avalanche situation.
Angerer Icegarden

Getting There

The Village is called Rein in Taufers, Riva di Tures (1596 m) in the Ahrntal valley near Bruneck in South Tirol, Italy.
From Rein you follow the street for about 5 minutes by car to the Angerer Hut, located at the left side of the valley.
Theres a big parking range and you see the wall from the street and the parking range.

The Ice Garden

The Icegarden is a nice and wide wall, over 50 meters wide and at the highest point is about 30 meters high. The exposure is in SW direction.
Angerer Icegarden
Angerer Icegarden

Beginning from the left to the right side, the routes starts with the easy WI2, up to WI5 in the middle part of the wall, and at the right side you find the Miked routes up to WI6, M7.

Ther is a redirection steel cable on the top and the mixed routes are prepared with drilled hooks.

The wall is exposed in SW Direction, and the sun shines for over an hour direct into the wall, so at this time, midday the water begins to flow and its a very wet place, but after the sun has gone the ice freezes very fast.

Toprope WI5


There are a lot of guest houses in Rein in Taufers and also in the near villages, mostly the appartments are pricy and very good.

External Links

The link to Rein in Taufers

Angerer Icegarden

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