Animal Albums Collected

Animal Albums Collected

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Albums of Animal Wildlife

Inspired by Sequoia's collection of wildflower albums, here's a listing of albums showing animal wildlife.

General and Location albums are not listed in any particular order. If you're interested in how these albums' Summitpost user ratings compare to each other, the list in the left margin reflects that order.
I may not be able to keep up with changes to albums' signature photos, but I will try to keep it updated to reflect new albums. If you create a new album that belongs here, you can attach it at left & I'll notice. If I've missed one (eg, the album creator never attached it), please comment on this page.

It's my intent to focus on wild animals, so humans and pets are not included. Also, private albums (albums with Private Attach Only set to Yes) will not be listed.

Animal Wildlife Generally

By Location

Albums (or collections of albums) devoted to the animals of a particular part of the world. Arranged by continent, and in rough north-to-south order within continents.

North America

Special Mention: Lavishly illustrated series of articles on Predators & Prey of the Rocky Mountains by FlatHeadNative


I'm including Iceland here, so sue me.

Australia & Oceania

By Taxon

Here is Kingdom Animalia, or at least those parts of it represented with albums on Summitpost, arranged by phylum, class, and so forth. Taxa of equal rank are listed alphabetically.

Where an album is devoted to a paraphyletic group (eg, Lizards), the album name is prefaced with "see" and linked either at the nearest enclosing taxon (ie, Squamata for lizards) or at each of the major enclosed taxons (eg, the Reptiles & Amphibians album is linked at each of those groups).


see Unidentified Flora and Fauna

Phylum Arthropoda (arthropods)

see insects & spiders

Class Arachnida (spiders, scorpions, etc)

Class Insecta (insects)

Phylum Chordata (vertebrates etc)

Class Actinopterygii (ray-finned fish)

Class Amphibia (amphibians)

see reptiles & amphibians

Class Aves (birds)

Class Mammalia (mammals)

  • Order Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates)
    • Family Antilocapridae (pronghorn)
      • genus Antilocapra (pronghorn)
    • Family Bovidae
      • Subfamily Bovinae (cows, bison, etc)
      • Subfamily Caprinae (goats, sheep, etc)
        • Genus Capra (goats & ibex ["bouqetin", "capricorn", "steinbock"], turs, markhors)
        • Genus Oreamnos (American Mountain Goat)
        • Genus Ovis (Sheep [includes bighorn, mouflon, Dall's])
        • Genus Rupicapra (chamois)
    • Family Cervidae (deer, elk, etc)
    • Family Camelidae (Llamas, camels, etc)
  • Order Carnivora (carnivores)
  • Order Lagomorpha (rabbits, pikas, hares)
  • Order Perissodactyla (odd-toed ungulates)
    • Family Equidae (horses, zebras, asses)
      • Genus Equus (horses, zebras, asses)
  • Order Rodentia (rodents)

Class Reptilia (reptiles)

see reptiles & amphibians
  • Order Squamata (lizards, snakes, etc) see Lizards



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