Annapurna I

This spectacular face is one of the most famous of the world, one of the most difficult and dangerous challenges for the best mountaineers. More than 3500 meters high and 6 or 7 thousand wide.
It was first climbed in 1970 by the epic expedition led by Chris Boninton ( who wrote the famous book "Annapurna south face" about this legendary climb ). The expediton was successful but one of the three summitters, Ian Clough died tragically during the descent. Also the first attempt in alpine style had a tragic ending: Alex McIntyre, one of the most famous alpinists of the 70's, was killed by a dropping of stones.
Recently this terrible face was climbed for the first time in a solo alpine style ascent by the famous slovenian climber Tomaz Humar that realized one of the greatest exploits in the history of mountaineering.
Photo taken from the Annapurna Base Camp ( 4130 m ). 12/30/2008.


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