Annotated panorama from west of Campa pass

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On the far left are Campa I and Campa II, south of Campa pass. Campa I is an easy climb, but Campa II is a different matter. A week earlier, my guide mentioned that, if we had some time left by the end of our tour, we might climb Campa. At the time, I didn't even know that there were two of them. Later I figured that he must have meant the left one, Campa I.

Still left, but by now to the southwest, the next sharp peak is Mariposa. Looks much more dramatic from the other side!

Mariposa summit ridge from the other side

Continuing, the summit of Ausangate is peaking over a nearby rocky subsidiary.

Then a lower hill of which I don't know the name, west northwest of Campa pass. There are trails left and right of this hill to the small village of Pacchanta.

Turning further, the steep southern slopes of the Callangate chain appear, with Pachanta as its southernmost peak. The main summit of Callangate isn't visible from here.

6 June 2011.


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