Annotated panorama of the southern Cordillera Blanca

... from just below the summit of Jatunmontepuncu (I slightly reduced the quality to reduce the size of the file, so even the full size image downloads fast).

Next to Jatunmontepuncu (5415m), my first goal for the day, the nearest mountain is Nevado Pucaranra (6156m), about 3km to the NE. Only a little bit lower on the climb, I could see just the highest part of Pucaranra peering above Jatunmontepuncu. For a brief moment I wondered if Pucaranra was in fact Jatunmontepuncu, and I thought that the route would lead through those seracs somehow. Since I knew that the summit of Jatunmontepuncu was close by, I didn't interpret the scale properly, so I though these seracs were much smaller than they really were, but nevertheless, I thought I couldn't possibly climb that safely. Fortunately, a little later I saw the summit I was aiming for, and from this point it was only one last steep bit, 20m or so, and just a matter of minutes.

If you didn't know, you wouldn't guess, but the highest mountain in the panorama is Nevado Huantsán (6369m), 13km to the SE from here.

19 June 2011.


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