Another group negotiating the crevasses on Cedec Glacier

This is the last we saw of that group.

We were a party of three, including our guide, who wasn't very impressed by the other group. Lower on the mountain, we were going steady but not while our guide was searching for the best route while trying to avoid any hidden crevasses. They followed our trail and gained on us.

After reaching a large crevasse, we wasted no time to decide that it was best tackled on the right, but the group behind us went the other way, which our guide thought wasn't very smart. Since he had already found the best crossing, why try to find a different spot?

Half an our later, they still hadn't crossed the crevasse and we saw them moving to the place where we crossed ourselves. After that, we didn't see them anymore. Perhaps they didn't like the crossing, or the steep ice (up to 50 degrees) right after that. Or maybe they were just there to get some glacier experience in preparation for Cevedale the next day or so.


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