Araia-ridge S.E.

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Alava (Araba), Spain, Europe
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Hiking, Mountaineering
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Half a day
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Class 3

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Araia-ridge S.E.
Created On: Mar 25, 2010
Last Edited On: Mar 25, 2010


Aratz and UmandiaAratz-Umandia
Umandia and AlbeizUmandia-Albeiz

This is my favourite route but it’s long and it has a few of parts without path and for this reason it’s only for mountaineers with experience in orientation.

Getting There

See the main page to approach to Araia.

Route Description

Routes from AraiaSketch

Summit of ImelekuAllaitz-Umandia

We begin in Araia (600m) in the street Itsusi following the track of right side using the paint red and white of the path of Nacedero. In the small dam we leave the paint following the forest track to reach the antenna of Arrazpi (887m). Behind the antenna the track turn to right reaching Eletxariko gaina under two nice big stones. The track reaches after two curves a wide col between the rocky wall of Umandia (left) and the small cone of Albeiz (right). It’s a good idea the easy climb of Albeiz to obtain a wide panorama returning to col. The point to leave the track is the S.E. area of peak Umandia, when the stony wall disappears and we can walk in the grassy ramp to the forest. We follow into the forest near of the ridge turning to reach the final East ridge of the peak (F., very easy rock-climb). The summit of Umandia (1.224m) has a geodesic vertex and a mailbox.

We descend the forest of the other side of the summit following the constructions to hunt (towers of iron with platforms for the hunters). We reach a small col (Arrabarte) but we don’t turn using the tracks, the better option is the climb of the ridge in front of us, out of path, to reach the small summit of Allaitz txiki (1.171m) with a broken mailbox. We descent to the col at North and we find the paint red and white of GR-121. We ascent in front following the paint to the grassy South face of Allaitz (1.237m) with a mailbox on the summit and nice panorama of the rest of the ridge. We descent to the col of Allarte and we ascent following the paint to the base of Imeleku (1.319m), a nice small peak in right side with two mailbox (including a curious mailbox-camera). We follow the ridge to col of Aratzarte and this is the point to leave the paint of G.R. We attack the ramp South of Aratz searching small path in the stones trying to gain the shoulder. It’s better the use of right side turning to left side to reach th shoulder and finally a wide area before the summit of Aratz (1.446m) enjoying of the beautiful panorama after the long effort.

For the descend we use the normal route of Araia across plains of Askasaroi and the PR of San Miguel. Of course we can climb using the normal route descending across this ridge (if you don’t know the area probably it’s a better option).

Essential Gear

Map, compass.
Only in a few of days of winter after snowfalls is necessary the use of crampons.

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Araia-ridge S.E.

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