Around the Drei-Zinnen

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South-Tyrol (Sextener Dolomites), Italy, Europe
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Oct 19, 2003
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Created On: Nov 26, 2003
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From the Auronzohütte we are walking around the "Drei Zinnen" at the west side. A harmless way to decree, that one can trade however also against a path in about the half height of the "Moräne" on the Zinnen-Southside, stands. Past at the long-Alps-lake, we reach the Almhut „Long Alps“ (contemplation possibility). We move until now on the path no. 105. Soon we will rich the path. 102 of that over the Rienztal is coming up. Now we climb uphill either to the Dre-Zinnen-Hütte or directly to Patern saddle. I recommend the way to the cottage on all cases because there a fantastic outlook to the Zinnen as well as further very pretty trips waits for us for the surrounding mountains. Only three possibilities would be named here: over climb path on the Toblinger Knot and on the Shoemaker Disk (Schusterplatte). Or one seeks in the vicinity the „Frankfurt Würstls“ the entrance to the old war place on the Paternkofel. After a repeated lovely insight into the north walls of the Zinnen, the path climbs easily to the Paternsattel (2454 ms). Of here, it returns past at the Lavaredohütte (2344 ms) to the Auronzohütte. One should take himself for the total tour a day time because of almost each any place outstanding views open themselves into all directions of the Dolomites. Only minor matter are the 18 Euros Maut on the driveway street.



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