At the beginning of 6h long...

At the beginning of 6h long journey from summit of Visocica (1619m) to Struge refuge in Paklenica area. Below is depression or valley of inner South Velebit with its huge complexes of beech forests. Massive grassy peak is Mala Visocica (1500m). Path descends 300 vertical meters in 30mins to the pass between it and Visocica and then ascends up again following the ridge and left above beech grove to the shoulder by the left edge of the photo (another 30mins). In the middle of the photo is large Kozjak (1572m) while pyramid left of it is Jelovac (1601m). Both rise above inner Velebit. Distant peak between them is Viserujna (1632m).

Photo: Aleksandar Gospic


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