Dôme du Goûter

Mont Blanc: Left is one "bosse" (bump) on Bosses Ridge, right are Dôme du Goûter seracs. A part of Grands Mulets route (Mont Blanc northern side) is visible in foreground. This route is dangerous mostly because of these seracs wich are falling in a not previsible way in huge avalanches (even in winter when the route is the most used for ski-mountaineering). 09/2001

Author: Diego Sahagún
Date: Apr 06, 2002 5:44 PM
The bosse is Grande Bosse (4.512 m = 14.803 ft) and to its right on the rock spur is Refuge Bivouac Vallot (4.362 m = 14.311 ft), the last refuge until Mont Blanc summit.
Refuge Vallot is used only for emergency.


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