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Created On: Jan 29, 2007
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It is a quite demanding route because of its length,that exceeds 15kms.It passes one from the northern feet of the mountain(Avlon) to the southern slopes of Parnitha in Paliochori spring.It takes 6-7 hours to be completed.Although it hasn't any technical difficulties,fitness is demanded because the route has several ups and down and great ascent.Avlonis at 180m elevation,and the route ascents to 1220m(highest point) in skipiza spring and then descents to Paliochori spring(970m)

Getting There

One can get to Avlon by train(railway station),bus or by car(1 hour-drive from Athens).

Route Description

Snowed fir trees near Skipiza

In the path from Paliochori to Skipiza(February 2003)

We start from the square of Avlon ascenting the road following the signs for Nea Stoudiou monastery.The road ascents leading us above the town and in 15 minutes we reach a big spring below plane trees.From this point we follow the signs of the path,that ascents steeply,cutting a u-turn of the road.The path leads us to the road again,which is is gravel now.We follow the gravel road for 10minutes and then we reach a small church.There we leave the gravel in our right hand,and we continue straight entering a swallow ravine with a spectacular cave on its right part(as we ascent).After 15 minutes we meet the gravel road again and we follow it.The road passes us from a small pond,just under high voltage electricity cables and we continue the central gravel,ignoring a smaller road on our right hand.After 15 minutes walk,we reach a small ridge(520m)and we abandon the gravel road permanently this time,following the signs of the path.The path descents a little until,it reaches the dry bank of a small stream(480m).There the path follows the stream upwards for 20minutes until it reaches a large valley,in which there is a chapel(St. Nikolaos).We cross the valley from its right part as we ascent,cross the stream in which we walked and continue on its right side.We enter the thick forest,pass 2 meadows and we reach Pireza,a beautiful inclined meadow with 2 wells,and a small river.Until here we have done 2,5 hours from Avlon.

Small stream in Pireza valley

In Pireza we find the other path that comes from Saloniki plateau and we follow it ascenting.After 20minutes we reach a small ridge(790m)and we start descenting to the beautiful valley of Limiko(730m)


Summer view of the highest peak from Loimiko valley

After 15 minutes we reach the well of Limiko(drinkable water) and we continue following a gravel road that proceeds horizontally.After 10minutes the road finishes and we follow the well distinguished path that traverses the slopes making several small ups-downs.The path proceeds in a mixed pine,oak and fir forest crossing 3 streams,that unite lower and form Mavrorema.

A dry bank near Loimiko

After 1 hour the path has crossed the third stream and starts ascenting in fir forest.After 10 minutes the path becomes horizontal for 30-40m,crossing an area where a pond form,in winter and spring.Later the path continues ascenting,until it reaches Panos ridge(998m).There is an asphalt road,and there we turn left and after 300m we reach the central asphalt road,that makes the circle of Parnitha's highest peaks.There is a path,that ascents the western slopes of Karavola.After 40 minutes ascent the path reaches Skipiza spring,the highest spring of Parnitha(1220m).From here we follow one of the 3 paths that begin,the one that proceeds horizontally in south direction.After a while the path starts descending inside fir forest and after an hour we reach Paliochori.

Essential Gear

hiking boots,waterproof in winter,trekking poles,maybe gaiters.

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