<b><font color=green>Bec RATY</font> and <font color=blue><i> SKY</font></i> towards Vòrea & Chenessy</b> 2006

Bec RATY and SKY towards Vòrea & Chenessy 2006

EMILIO and Bec RATY Central Summit (2399m) January 22th, 2006 In distance: Bec delle Steje or Strie (2544m) and Cima di Bonze (2516m) into the small Group of Mont Debat (2622m) above Pont Bozet Common. In bottom: Chenessy's Point (2630m),Chenessy's Crest (about 2650m), Fricolla's Point (2676m) and Corni (= Horns) Mount (2779m); In foreground: Vorèa's Tower (2442m), Vorèa's Crest and Vorèa's Point (2554m). Picture by Osw
on Oct 19, 2010 9:44 am
Image Type(s): Alpine Climbing
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