<B>From <font color=green>LITTLE MATTERHORN </font>to WEST in .......<FONT COLOR=BLUE>THE MORNING</FONT></B>

JUNY 25th, 1967

From left (high) and near Klein Matterhorn Summit :

Dent d'Hérens (4046m);
Pointe Carrel (3922m);
Pointe Blanche (3918m);
Pointe Maquignaz (3822m);

Maquignaz Pass (3638m, near Novella Bivouac (3662m);

Pointe Marie-Christine (3704m);

Chérillon's Pass (3536m), near Benedetti Bivouac (3510m);

Tournenche also Tournentze Pass (3486m);

Tete du Lion (3715m);

Lyon's Pass (3571m);

Pic Tyndall (4257m);
Mont Cervin or Matterhorn (4478m);
Pic Muzio (4223m);

From left (bottom):

Breuil Pass or Breuiljoch (3350m);
Forclaz's Pass also Furggjoch (3273m);

Tete de la Forclaz or Furggen (3492m);

Western Furggsattel (3350m);

Tete du Breuil or Furgghorn (3467m);

Eastern Furggsattel (3351m);

Mont de Saint-Théodule or Corno del Teodulo (3468m);

Saint-Théodule Pass or Théodulijoch, near Théodule Refuge (3316m).

In background and right: Dent Blanche (4357m).



Gianni JUNOD


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