b) Second frame of the...

b) Second frame of the panoramic view from Cima di Entrelor 3430 m, along the watershed Val di Rhêmes-Valsavarenche, Gran Paradiso Group: in the foreground the ridge towards an unnamed summit 3357 m. In the background, from left, Herbetet 3778 m, Col Bonney 3587 m, Punta Budden 3683 m, Finestra di Tsasset 3633 m, Becca di Montandaynè 3833 m, Colle di Montandaynè 3723 m, Piccolo Paradiso 3923 m, Colle delPiccolo Paradiso 3877 m, Gran Paradiso 4061 m, il Roc 4026 m, Becca di Moncorvè 3875 m, Colle del Gran Paradiso 3345 m
captions by livioz


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