Back Route to Wilson

This map is not meant to be pretty.

This is the back route up Mt Wilson in Red Rock, NV. The descent from the limestone ridge, just N of peak 2124, is a bit grueling. However, if you have good balance and tolerance for steep talus and crumbly cliff bands, this may be the fastest way to reach the peak -- with several equipment checks, I still took just 1h 45m.

The route is totally trail-less. As of Apr 16/2008, there were cairns to mark every significant branch in the wash, but once you climb up the hill SW of peak 2124, you are pretty much on your own. There are some markers on the descent of the steep talus, but chances are you will miss them as you go hurtling downhill.

The access road is on Lovell Canyon Rd on the right, 3 miles N of the junction with route 160. HC recommended, and parts of the road are rough and require either 4WD or sufficient power to motor through loose gravel.

Several DPS reports mention this route.


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