Backside (Coldwater Campground)

Backside (Coldwater Campground)

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 37.60390°N / 118.9778°W
Route Type: Hike
Time Required: Less than two hours
Difficulty: 2


In Mammoth Lakes, make your way to Main Street. Main Street turns into Lake Mary Road, heading up towards the Mammoth Lakes. Continue up Lake Mary Road, which passes a few smaller lakes, and then turn left on 'Around Lake Mary Road'. After a short time, make another left onto Coldwater Creek Campground Road. Continue all the way to the back of this one way road, and eventually, you will hit a parking lot before the road turns back around and heads towards 'Around Lake Mary Road'. From this lot, park, and head toward the rust colored ridge visible to the northeast.

Note: In Winter, the roads mentioned above past Lake Mary Road are closed.

Route Description

While leaving the Coldwater Campground area and heading towards the rust colored ridge, you will have to wade through or find a way across a good-sized creek which borders the campground. Once across the creek, continue up the rising slope amidst forest and bushes. You may pass the remnants of an early 20th century mining operation which has obviously been abandoned.

Continuing up the slope, you will begin a rather steep bushwhack, which levels out after a while at a "mini" forest, about 2/3 the way up. Continuing straight, you will see a white, rocky summit, which is the back side of Rock Chute. If you are in the correct position, a rust-colored peak (Peak 10,750 (Ft.)), rises to the far right(southernly direction) on the same ridge you are standing. Continue towards the rocky summit. (Note: Their are two bumps along the ridge which look similar, but when standing and looking at them from this point, Rock Chute is the hump to the right).
Once you reach the summit, you can sign the register(if it's still lodged in a rock). Also, if you'd like, head down to your left to get a good view down the steep chute you were smart enough not to climb.

Peak 10750 (Ft.)

Essential Gear

Bring some good climbing/hiking shoes. The rocks are very loose and you could roll an ankle. Bring lots of water. I suggest not to climb this in the late fall-winter season, as snow will significantly slow your ascent.

Do not forget bug spray either!

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