Bakening volcano

Bakening volcano

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 53.90500°N / 158.07001°E
Additional Information County: Russia
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7474 ft / 2278 m
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Вулкан Бакенинг is a classic cone-shaped stratovolcano with a base diameterof about five kilometers. Its grandeur compared with the surrounding peaksemphasizes that its relative height is more than double. When viewed from thetop the one is sure that its neighborhood is nothing higher. Bakening was firstdescribed in the eighteenth century. Previously, he was called Top of Kamchatka, because there are starting three biggest rivers ofKamchatka – Kamchatka, Avacha and Bystraja.

Volcano Bakening (2278 m)
Volcano Bakening (2278 m) as viewed from the valley of river Pravaja Kamchatka

There was already (besides the distance from standard airports) doneheliskiing at its slopes, and its surrounding is popular for hiking in thesummer time. What's more, there is still only a small amount of tourists.

Getting There

It is possible to get to the are of volcano Bakening(2278 m) by the main north-south road through Kamchatka – fromPetropavlovsk-Kamchatskij to Milkovo and followingly to the north. There iscurrently asphalt at the first 150 km; rest of the road is "Kamchatka's stan­dard" – rocks & stones. You can see nicely Bakening volcano from the road. Just stop before the bridge over the river Pravaja Kamchatka. You can easily skin up on skis or walk on skis without skins, use snowshoes or just simply walk on the right riverside up to the valley of Pravaja Kamchatka towards Bakening volcano.

Volcano Bakening (2278 m)
The access to volcano Bakening-Happening is flat and little boring

Volcano Bakening (2278 m)
Clouds are playing, Bakening in the background, the peak Palec (1225 m) on the right in the front


See trip report First CZ&SK ski descend from volcano Bakening (2278 m) at Kamchatka with detailed description of ascend and descend.
Volcano Bakening (2278 m)
Volcano Bakening with our route

Red Tape

To get to Kamchatka-peninsula you need to have Russian visa and registration at OVIR. It is recommended to have local guide. All can be managed through one of Kamchatka's travel agent, for example.
Volcano Bakening (2278 m)
Who was there walking next to our tents? Bear with injured paw... skis Dynafit Manaslu are about 120 mm wide in the front

Bakening (2278 m)
A really fresh bears' traces near our campsite

When to Climb

Bakening volcano is accessible through all the year.
Volcano Bakening (2278 m)
Fog & clouds around the summit of Bakening

Bakening (2278 m) - climbing
On the way to the summit of Bakening


It is possible to set up a campsite almost everywhere. It is needed to be careful in the spring time due to bears that are awakening from their long sleeping.
Bakening (2278 m) - our camp site
Our camp site in the valley of river Pravaja Kamchatka - view during the climb on Palec

Bakening (2278 m) - scheme of the ski descend
Our snow living room including fire place

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