Baldy Hill (Mount Baldy)

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Baldy Hill (Mount Baldy)
Created On: Feb 5, 2011
Last Edited On: Dec 25, 2012

Important Disclaimer

It should be noted that the true summit is on Private Property. The family which owns this summit will prosecute anyone who attempts to go to the true summit of this peak. I am keeping this page up to specifically stop people from trying for this summit. My fear is by pulling this page completely that other peak baggers will then attempt this summit and find themselves in legal issues.

Many peakbaggers in this area have been on the summit and are unaware that it is on private property. A couple newspapers even had to pull articles due to not being aware of this issue. Some even have illegally rock-climbed some of the western cliffs of the mountain. There are very few private property signs and some horses illegally (knowingly or unknowingly) cross over from the Hancock Timber Area to this summit creating what looks to be a good path to the summit. If you follow them then you do risk trespassing charges.

This is noted summit in a popular area. It has been summited and attempted by many. Hopefully this new information will stop others. There is also legal hiking (by permit only) on the north side of this mountain. However stay on the northern side and if you run into a private property sign turn around.


Baldy Hill located just east of Enumclaw is not a very well known summit considering it is located right off of 410. It is quiet prominent from Enumclaw and for many quite tempting to hike up! The major reason for that is that the true summit is on private land and therefore while north of the mountain allows for daily foot travel, the final path to the true summit does not. This final piece of land is on private property and the owner wishes that no one tresspasses on his property.

Pinnacle Peak (Mount Pete)If you find yourself here, leave immediately. You are on private land and are subject to criminal tresspassing.

In 1895 there was reports of a very serious smoke and fire incident on the summit of Mount Baldy in which it was rumored that this was a volcanic eruptions on the summit. Some newpapers even reported lava coming from this little summit. But despite the fact that Mount Baldy was volcanic at one time there is major evidence that show this to be the case. The smoke and fire incident was so large though that it could be seen from the hills of Seattle.

Views heading down Picture from the northern legal side of the mountain

The most popular way of getting to the north summit of Baldy Hill is from the north via from the horse parking area. There is no hunting, fishing, overnight camping or ATV's allowed on the road. From there walk-up a number of roads being mindful of any signs on the side. Continue to take the roads all the way to any area where there is a trail going to the top of the northern summit.

Getting There

VIA THE HORSE CAMP: Take 410 out of Enumclaw east 2.5 miles. There will be a well established parking area on your right hand side where there is horse parking. Note this parking area is solely for day travel and you must not venture onto private property on the south side!!

Red Tape

NEW for 2012-A Hancock Private Property permit is needed to travel on this summit and on available company hiking property. This is a yearly permit and cost $75. This is only valid on the northern false summit and not the southern true summit. For more information click HERE

The south side (true summit) is private property owned by a local family who doesn't want anyone up on the summit area. You will get prosecuted and will face legal action if caught on property.

No overnight parking!!!!


Camping on Baldy Hill is absolutely prohibited on the north side!!! Don't venture to the summit or the south side. It is private land and you will be prosecuted.

External Links

This is a very good discussion about the land on and around Baldy Hill. As stated by Eric there is a lot of area for which provided a person has a Hancock Permit is legal to hike on, just not the summit.

Here is link where you gather more information from the trailhead as well as purachase a very detailed map of the area.

Possible eruption from Beldy Hill (Mount Baldy)

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Baldy Hill (Mount Baldy)

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