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Alava / Araba, Spain, Europe
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Half a day

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Created On: Apr 24, 2005
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Route Description

Slope: 860 meters.
Time to summit: 2h 30 min. (if you don't have a transport from Barazar to Saldropo you must to add 45 minutes more for this 2,5 km)

It's the classic climb from lovers of the mountains and it begin in the Center of the Humedal Saldropo (house). The wood signal indicate to right side "Atxuri 2km-45min" and we begin in a track with a little descent in the first meters to a little bridge to cross the river. You must follow the red-white marks of paint (from here to the summit) across a forest track with a beautiful forest. Generally the marks go among the different tracks and finally we must to climb in a hard slope in a narrow path to exit to an upper repise. In this point the path turn to the right side across a nice pass under the wall of rock, the Paso de Atxuri (a little dangerous with wet rock of snow). After the wall across a little chimney (very easy, grade I, for all the people but dangerous with rain) we reach the summit of Atxuri and we entry in the upper plain under Aldamin and Gorbea. The main summit is visible from here and we turn to the right side following the wood signal with the indication "AldamiƱape" (this is the col between Aldamin and Gorbea and the point of access to the summit). In this plain the trees and the green grass are beautiful and you can to rest a little time taking the sun in this quite and isolate place. We follow the marks among the rock and grass surronded with some special trees (ash-tree, yews,...) to the little hut of Leixarreta.
Across a new track we reach the col of Arimegorta after the great huts with a new wood signal. Following the direction to "Gorbea" (not to "EgiriƱao") for a hard slope in zig-zag we reach the bottom of the rocky ridge of Aldamin. We turn to left to evitate the ridge across a little green col. We turn behind of Aldamin to the evident col between this two mountains and across a hard ramp of grass we reach the great cross of Gorbea.

A good option before the descent is the climb to the nice Aldamin after a litlle climb with the hands (very easy, grade I) in 20 min.

Essential Gear

Nothing special. Water in the sunny days. Crampons and ice-axe in some winter days for the last ramp.