Page Type: Route
Route Type: Hike
Time Required: Less than two hours
Difficulty: Walk-up

Route overview

  • Altitude difference:
  • 800m / 2625ft
  • Duration:
  • 1-2 hours
  • Trail length:
  • about 2km
  • Trailhead:
  • Biberwier (parkinglot of Marienbergbahn - cablecar)


    Trailhead is the parkinglot of the Marienbargbahn (a cablecar up to Marienbergjoch) at the south-end of Biberwier.
    For detailed information about reaching Biberwier, visit Mieming Range (GROUP) - Getting There.

    Route Description

    Starting at the south-end of the parking lot, a trail with a sign "Barberasteig" leads into the forset. Barberasteig has the trail number 51 or 813.
    After about 10min you' ll reach a meadow slope and the trail disapears. Waldhaus Talblick can be seen on this slope. Keep going on the right side of the slope towards this building.
    From there Barberasteig leads on to Marienbergjoch. Crossing the supply-road several times it is about an one hour hike to Marienbergjoch.
    Sometimes it is difficult to find Barberasteig at on of the crossings with the road. If you don' t find it just follow the road upwards until you' ll find the trail again.
    Barberasteig is a -sometimes steep- shortcut of the supply-road. If you' re in a hurry, you can use the Marienbargbahn - cablecar up to Marienbergjoch (1789m / 5869ft).

    Essential Gear

    Hiking gear is sufficient.

    Summits around Marienbergjoch

  • Wannig via Handschuhspitze.
  • Marienbergspitze
  • Grünstein
  • Höllkopf
  • Wankspitze

  • Miscellaneous Info

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